Pole Dance Spin Moves

Chair Spin

The Chair Spin is an elegant, graceful beginner pole trick to begin learning about how momentum works with the legs in motion away from the pole. It is an excellent spin for the beginner pole dancer who has already taken the time to familiarize themselves with how some of the other spins feel.

This move requires the Push – Pull Method, which means you will need to push away from the pole with your bottom arm, and pull your body up – keeping the shoulders down and engaged – with your top arm.

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Corkscrew Spin

The Corkscrew Spin is a beautiful yet simple intermediate spin that utilizes an anchor grip to keep the body lifted and held away from the pole. This spin is most commonly performed on spin pole for smoother rotation around the pole, and the combination of a bent and straight leg is an interesting addition to any routine.

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Cradle Spin

The Cradle Spin uses the Push Pull method with the hands spread wide. This is likely the first beginner pole spin you will come across that uses the top of the thighs to such a degree, introducing an applicable way to use the Hip Hold. This spin is a fun way to bring your whole body around the pole and break up the typical motion of other beginner spins.

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Dip Spin

The Dip Spin is a fun spin that is similar in shape and mechanics to the Steparound spin. The main difference that the Dip Spin showcases is a seated posture as you swing your momentum around the pole. This is an excellent spin to work on to get used to moving your body around the pole while your momentum changes.

Perfect as a beginner pole trick, the Dip Spin only requires a baseball grip to get started, and though it’s not required to know the Steparound Spin previously, it is suggested.

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Fireman Spin

The Fireman Spin is a wonderful move to get your whole body on the pole, experimenting with how your body moves on the pole while staying close to the ground. Once you master this spin, you can spread the knees far apart from each other for a wide Fireman spin, keeping the ankles together. The only difference here is style, and on spin pole, it will cause you to spin slower.

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