Pole Dance Trick Moves

Fan Kick

The Fan Kick is a graceful beginner pole trick that engages the whole body. From the hands, which are held in a stronghold grip and keeping your bodyweight up, to the activation of the core that tilts the pelvis up and helps the legs sweep wide, to the legs themselves, which are sweeping around the body with grace and dexterity.

This beginner pole trick is a versatile move, allowing you to add some flare to any pole dance routine, provide a way around the pole, or help you gain momentum for a follow-up trick in more advanced levels.

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Hello Boys

Hello Boys is a great move to add a little flare to any pole dance routine. It can be performed quickly to provide a “pop” of motion with the legs, or slowly and sensually, depending on the style you prefer.

Performed from a wrist sit, we recommend that you are comfortable in your pole sits before attempting this move, as it can be uncomfortable. Leg flexibility can be “faked” here, but the more active flexibility you have in your hip flexors and the better your middle splits are, the more impressive this move becomes!

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High Kick Hold

The High Kick Hold is a fun way to add a quick pop up in any pole dance routine, and gives you the momentum needed to transition into other spinny tricks, or a fun way to showcase a beat in the song right before you move down the pole.

Also known as the straddle pole ab and straddle up, this move is also commonly used as conditioning for inverts. Only requiring a stronghold grip and waist pocket hold, this move is a perfect beginner pole trick for when you want to emphasize a strong point in your routine.

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Hip Dips

These Hip Dips are a sensual way to add subtle movement to any performance. Perfect for the beginner pole dancer looking to incorporate more lowflow movements into their pole dance routines. Commonly called Hip Dips, or Hip Sways, this is primarily done behind the pole to showcase the extension of the neck, the rotation of the hips, and extension of the legs. It is best performed on static pole, but it can be done on spin. This is a perfect move to add if you’re looking for an exaggerated, start-stop movement to add to the beat of a song.

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The Jamilla is a great way to get into several other inverted moves, opening up a world of alternate inverts and new transitions. Many inverted moves can even be transitioned into directly, so there is no need to perform a leg hook between invert and trick, simplifying combos and shortening routine times.

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