Flexibility and Conditioning

Trying to get your splits? Looking to gain strength? Flexibility training will add ease and beauty into your routines, and regular conditioning will keep your body toned and mind sharp. Both are crucial for making progress on the pole. Find your answers here.

Shoulder Flexibility

NOTE: Use the top-left playlist button to view all videos in this tutorial. Shoulder flexibility is a tricky beast to work with. There are several small muscles in the shoulder that can quickly become injured if not properly taken care of, and unlike many other areas...

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Grip Strength Conditioning

Grip strength is going to help you in every area of pole whether you’re doing a simple spin, holding yourself up in Janeiro, or trying to master your tabletop. We’ll take you through a variety of grip strength exercises that will help you achieve your goal moves, as...

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All About Pole Abs

Today, you’ll learn about pole abs, which is a common exercise in pole that strengthens your core and helps you achieve your pole dreams. This exercise is commonly taught in studios, but it can be done anywhere you have a pole. If you don't have a pole at home, your...

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Active VS. Passive Flexibility

In the world of pole, flexibility can be just as important as strength. Unfortunately, it’s not as well discussed as it should be.   In today’s article, we discuss active VS. passive stretches and flexibility, helping you understand the differences and how each one...

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