Intermediate Level Pole Dance Moves


The Jamilla is a great way to get into several other inverted moves, opening up a world of alternate inverts and new transitions. Many inverted moves can even be transitioned into directly, so there is no need to perform a leg hook between invert and trick, simplifying combos and shortening routine times.

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The Jasmine is a great intermediate move that opens up a variety of sideways spins and flips. It is also an excellent way to transition into inverted moves by simply moving the hand positioning without performing a basic invert.

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Princess Grip

The Princess Grip is a variant of the double Cup Grip, used either for style or to relieve tension placed on the elbows from Cup Grip.

This grip is commonly used as an alternative grip for upright moves that would otherwise require cup grip. With the Sexy Plié Squat as an example, the Princess Grip is your best friend, as it aids in style and gives you much more control when and where you lower your body into the wide, straddle-squat we all know and love in exotic pole.

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Scissor Sit

The Scissor Sit is a unique pole pose that relies on the opening of the legs after reaching the standard pole sit position. This unique sit is an excellent way to pull together a new shape in your latest routine.

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Side Saddle Hold

The Side Saddle Hold is used in a variety of moves where the bum is resting on the pole and the leg is hooked on the side of the pole. You should feel secure in this hold with the pole against the length of your thigh and bum.

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