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Priscilla Benkhart

Sophia Minx

With 10 years of pole dancing experience, 20 years as an athlete, a tri-varsity athlete in high school, and a lifetime of dancing alone in her room, Priscilla has always been moving her body. Pole dancing was a curiosity for her, and she got her first taste working at exotic clubs in 2009. The athleticism and showmanship of pole dancing was immediately recognized and loved, so she did everything in her power to get better. Her time in the circuit was very rewarding, meeting lifetime friends, and working alongside some of the best pole dancers/women she had ever met.

Once she finished college and left the circuit in 2011, she began training at pole dance studios while living in NYC, continuing to fine-tune the craft. This is where it all changed, and pole dancing stole her heart. Since then she has continued training and started teaching in Rhode Island. In 2017, Priscilla participated in her first PSO Competition (a.k.a. Sophia Minx) and placed Silver in the Northeast Level 4 Exotic category.  She was incredibly impressed with the talent exhibited, and was excited by the beautiful, growing community of women and men that love pole dancing as much as she does.

Priscilla hopes to encourage and unite her fellow pole dancers using her experiences as an athlete, dancer, performer, stripper, student, instructor, choreographer, and overall lover of pole dancing, to get everyone where they want to be safely and always with a smile on their face.

Destynnie Hall


Destynnie first discovered and began pole dancing in November of 2017 after moving to Providence, RI. As a full-time co-owner and director of the copywriting and marketing division of her business, she fell in love with pole dancing to incorporate movement and activity into her daily routine.

While she does not come from any dance background, she has trained and competed in gymnastics and Shorin-Ryu martial arts. When she wasn’t training, she could be found listening to music or participating in an arrangement of other hobbies such as swordsmanship, archery, and theater. She has a solid understanding of body awareness, as well as a love of body mechanics and proper form.

Elliot Berard

Factotum of Fun

Elliot really dislikes talking in the third person, so I won’t anymore.

I grew up in North Providence Rhode Island, and early in my twenties I ran away from everyone to join the rennaissance faire circuit with having little in the way of skill. While there I started practicing way too maky skills at once and worked to become a performer.

I’m a juggling acrobatic magician who was trained by a french mime named Arsene.

After a decade of performing I decided to turn my attention elsewhere and started my own Web Dev company with Destynnie Hall, and soon specialized in SEO.

I tend to be on the hidden back end of things, so you won’t hear from me as much as you do the other two, but I will be chiming in from time to time!

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