Pole Dance Studio Reopening Precautions

Studio owners across the globe are thinking about how to stay afloat,...

Points of Contact Explained

There is some confusion on what points of contact are in pole dancing and...

What is the Push Pull Method in Pole Dancing?

If you have done any exploration into the different types of holds and...

Massage Ball Guide for Pole Dancers: How to Release Tight Leg Muscles

Today, we begin a series of articles dedicated to releasing those tight, overworked muscles. Pole dancing is a full-body, dynamic sport that can put quite a strain on the body. It’s important to keep everything loose and in good working order, and unclenched muscles means better flexibility!

PolePedia’s mission is to promote the art of pole dancing by providing a consolidated, community-based resource.

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PolePedia is a community-based resource for pole dancers across the globe.

This website is all-inclusive for every style, every body, and every gender. It doesn’t matter if you’re an exotic goddess, a gymnastic pro, a dramatic storyteller, or a lyrical genius; you’ll find something here made just for you.

Browse everything from video tutorials and complete guides to fun articles challenges. Interact with the community, request new materials, and explore your own unique pole dance journey.

Learn how to achieve a proper toe point, and exercises to improve your arch. Ace your chopper and learn why it’s bad to jump into an invert – or start with a basic climb and get a feel for doing tricks on the pole.

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How to Recover from Emotional Exhaustion

How to Recover from Emotional Exhaustion

We are strongest when we are at our emotional best. It doesn’t always seem like the two should be connected at first glance, but your emotional health is important in how your body functions. Too...

Pole Con 2020 Cancelled

Pole Con 2020 Cancelled

Posted 04-07-2020 - Updated 06-30-2020Notice - As of 6/30/2020, Pole Con 2020 has been cancelled."PoleCon 2021 will be held June 24-27, 2021 at the Sheraton New Orleans     There will be no early...

Browse the latest articles from PolePedia. Discover new pole dancing guides, read articles, and learn tips.

Enhance your training by watching video tutorials, get to know other pole dancers through our interviews, and ace your goals. There is always new content being released on PolePedia, so stay up-to-date in the pole world and explore articles, videos, and more in our Latest Articles section.

Tell us what you want to see next, share your favorites with your friends, and enjoy the pole dance community!

You’re considering taking up pole dancing – or maybe you’ve been pole dancing for years. Whoever you are, it can be tough to find straightforward, simple answers to many common questions.

We understand it can be confusing to know where to start, or even what you’re looking for – you just want to progress. Maybe you have the question, but don’t know where to go to find the answers.

In our Roadmap to Pole, we’ve taken questions from pole dancers across the globe, crafted bite-sized answers for each, and added optional further reading articles from across our website to help you reach your pole-destination with as little confusion as possible.

At PolePedia, we want pole dancers across the world to be safe and have access to a studio near them.

We’ve created a global Pole Studio Map so no matter where you are in the world, you can find a studio near you. 

This pole studio map is community-fueled, requiring the help of pole dancers worldwide to submit changes to pre-existing studios, add new studios to the map, and help their fellow pole dancers. View the map to find a studio near you, or submit information!

Your Pole Journey is Unique


Other people can face the same obstacles, but your perspective and growth in overcoming those obstacles are uniquely you.

We all come from different backgrounds, health, experience with pushing our bodies, and it changes how we view our struggles, handle difficulty, and celebrate victories.

You know your body better than anyone else, so listen to yourself!
If something doesn’t feel right – stop, find out why, prepare, and try again. Always listen to your own individual needs – and yes, it may change from day-to-day!

By learning about and providing for those needs, you’ll see progress through astounding pole victories, muscle gains, flexibility, grace, and overall boosted mood and self-confidence.


PolePedia provides a single, community-based resource to help you work towards becoming the best version of yourself, whether the key is confidence in who you are, your body image, finding your passion, or a mix of all three.