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Order Your Custom Glitter Heels 

Are you ready to feel sexy and confident on stage, showcasing your very own, unique pair of heels? PolePedia makes high-quality, custom glitter heels for stage performances and competitions. Our heels are sealed, set, and performance-ready when they arrive at your doorstep, meaning you can trust them to stand up to heel kips, clacks, slides, and everything in-between. 

Made by Pole Dancers, For Pole Dancers. 

Each individual heel is custom and handmade-to-order, just for you. PolePedia orders your heels when your custom order is processed. The heels are then shipped to the PolePedia base of operations, glittered accordingly, allowed to set, and shipped off to you. We update you every step of the way, so you won’t have to wonder where your heels are at any point.  

PolePedia’s custom glitter heels are hand-crafted by a pole dancer with over a decade of full-time experience as a professional traditional-media artisan, so you can trust that each heel is carefully designed and glittered with practiced ease. 

See our Glitter Heels FAQ here.

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