Technique and Form

In pole dancing, there is a spectrum of style that you can find yourself on, settling into a groove of preferences. That’s where our own personal flair begins to shine.

Regardless of where you are on that style spectrum, understanding body mechanics and practicing proper technique will help you ace goal moves and reduce your downtime or risk of injury.

This section has something for every level and every style, allowing you to celebrate your inner sultry minx or powerful goddess safely.

Guide to Dancing in Heels

There’s no feeling like trying on your first pair of pole heels. When you first stand up, you feel a certain kind of empowerment – and perhaps a little wobbly uncertainty – but there’s no denying that there is a definite appeal to the way pole heels lengthen your...

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Inverted Crucifix Tutorial

Hello everyone! Welcome to our Inverted Crucifix tutorial. We’ll walk you through each step from arm position, to getting your legs up and around the pole, and making sure you are secure so you can let your arms go with confidence. If you aren’t familiar with...

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How to Do a Basic Climb

A proper pole climb is an important part of pole dancing, helping you move up and down the pole with ease and grace. It’s important to note that the pole climb engages several parts of your body, which means you never have to muscle your way up, as that makes the...

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How to Invert

In it’s most basic form, inverting is a way to get upside-down on the pole quickly and easily. Being able to invert opens you up to a whole new world of pole moves and transitions, so it makes sense that it’s a sought-after achievement in the pole world. Once you...

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