About PolePedia

PolePedia is an online, community-based resource for pole dancing.

The idea was born in Providence, RI and the officially launched on August 26th, 2018 by three individuals with a passion for athleticism and performance. Through their partnership, determination, and individual skills, they were able to build and create the community you are a part of today with your help. Here we are, and even since that short time ago, we’ve grown and changed so much based on your needs as a community.

What you see is built not only by a few fellow pole dancers’ passions and love of the art but YOUR suggestions, requests, dreams, and ideas.


PolePedia’s mission is to promote the art of pole dancing by providing a consolidated community-based resource; tackling concerns, basic and advanced techniques, and proper form in one place, all while having a ton of fun doing it.

By creating a community-based stream of information, backed by informational videos and articles, PolePedia aims to help pole dancers, beginner and experienced alike, train safely and more efficiently.

As a community-based resource, everything you see here is, in some way, shaped by the global pole dancing community – and that includes you!

We want to ensure that, as an individual or as a studio, you are getting the best information on the internet about pole dancing, consolidated into a single resource. You are welcome no matter your style, gender, age, background… you name it. All pole dancers of every shape and size and skill level are welcome here.

Destynnie Hall

Destynnie@PolePedia.com | @DeciduousFern

Destynnie first discovered and began pole dancing in November of 2017 after moving to Providence, RI. As a full-time director of the copywriting and marketing division of her business, she fell in love with pole dancing as a way to incorporate movement and personal expression into her daily routine.

While she does not come from any dance background, she has trained and competed in gymnastics as well as Shorin-Ryu martial arts, giving her a love of proper technique and a solid understanding of body mechanics. When she wasn’t training, she could be found listening to music or participating in an arrangement of other hobbies such as botany, gardening, and visual arts.

Elliot Berard

| Elliot@PolePedia.com

Elliot really dislikes talking in the third person, so I won’t anymore.

I grew up in North Providence Rhode Island, and early in my twenties I ran away from everyone to join the renaissance faire circuit with having little in the way of skill. While there I started practicing way too many skills at once and worked to become a performer.

I’m a juggling acrobatic magician who was trained by a french mime named Arsene.

After a decade of performing, I decided to turn my attention elsewhere and started my own Web Development company with Destynnie, and soon specialized in SEO. 

Kim Kida

Kim@PolePedia.com | @KidaThePoleKitten

Kim’s pole dancing journey began shortly after completing her Masters in Business Analytics and working for Caesars in Las Vegas. She started taking beginner-level classes after work, but soon found herself addict to pole.

She poured most of her time and energy into taking classes and helping manage the studio, whilst building up her own skillset. She has successfully performed in many Las Vegas and San Francisco showcases, and is so dedicated to pole that she even once performed with a broken foot (which is definitely not recommended.)

Kim has had a fascination with dancing ever since she was a little girl growing up in Tennessee and has since developed quite the passion for pole. She is the protective cat mom of Lily and Bear, and the proud owner of her studio in San Diego, California. When she is not in the studio or practicing on her home pole, you can find her working on rapping the entire Hamilton musical, usually trying to take on all roles.