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Lotion, Your Skin, and Pole Dancing

One of the first lessons you learn in pole dancing is not to use lotion. It is a mantra repeated by many instructors: “Don’t wear lotion!” resulting in many poles being cursed for mystery lotion smears. Do you know why lotion is such a no-no in the pole...

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The Benefits of Pole Dancing

What Are the Benefits of Pole Dancing? There are several physical and mental benefits to pole dancing. Whether you’ve been pole dancing for years, or are looking to take your first class, you’ll find that pole dancing has a lot more benefits than you might...

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Pole Dancing on Your Period

Pole dancing is fun, exciting, and fulfilling…until Aunt Flow comes around and you have three back-to-back pole dancing classes to go to. What do you do? Is it safe to pole on your period? How do you manage it while still keeping enough bare skin to stick to the pole?...

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How to Find Your Natural Flow

Do you ever listen to a song and feel like you could plan out an entire choreography, imagining all the gorgeous, flowing lines that would match the rhythm of the song? We all do. It’s human nature to create, and dance is a beautiful medium to have at our...

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Highlights from Pole Con 2019

Today we’ll be covering an amazing event that happened this past week: International Pole Convention 2019 in Denver, CO!The PolePedia team packed their bags, prepped the car, and set out from the comfortably small city of Providence, Rhode Island.1,954...

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The Ultimate Grip Aid Guide

What is Grip Aid? Pole grip comes in a variety of forms. Some are liquids, others are gels, lotions, sprays, or resins. Apply these products to your grip points, such as the hands, knee pits, and thighs and be prepared to stick to the pole better than ever...

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Guide to Dancing in Heels

There’s no feeling like trying on your first pair of pole heels. When you first stand up, you feel a certain kind of empowerment – and perhaps a little wobbly uncertainty – but there’s no denying that there is a definite appeal to the way pole heels...

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