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Tips for Dancing on Spin Pole

Anyone who has worked with a static and a spin pole knows that they are two completely different beasts. Of course, for many people, they learn on static and there’s no warning before they try out spin pole for the first time. When you’re working with a...

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Toe Point Exercises

In this tutorial, you'll learn several toe point exercises that you can add to your pole conditioning routine for a better arch and a stronger toe point.   If you're looking for information on how to properly point your toes, you can find that in this article.  ...

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Lotion, Your Skin, and Pole Dancing

One of the first lessons you learn in pole dancing is not to use lotion. It is a mantra repeated by many instructors: “Don’t wear lotion!” resulting in many poles being cursed for mystery lotion smears. Do you know why lotion is such a no-no in the pole...

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The Benefits of Pole Dancing

What Are the Benefits of Pole Dancing? There are several physical and mental benefits to pole dancing. Whether you’ve been pole dancing for years, or are looking to take your first class, you’ll find that pole dancing has a lot more benefits than you might...

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