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Eco-Friendly Pole Dancing

As a pole dancer, it’s hard to find environmentally friendly products. Whether we’re working with plastic grip bottles, glitter, or lycra fabric, it can be a challenge to find alternatives. Many of us in the pole dance community are concerned about the...

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Exotic Flow Playlist

Today, we would love to share a great playlist that exudes exotic, sensual vibes. While we've taken the time to curate this playlist with exotic styles in mind, these songs can just as easily be added to any kind of pole playlist. You can play the songs in...

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Tips for Male Pole Dancers

Today, we are asking four experienced pole dancers a serious question: What advice would you give a beginner male pole dancer? There are so many questions that you might have as a man when you first begin pole, ranging anything from “how do I modify a move to better...

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Tips for Dancing on Spin Pole

Anyone who has worked with a static and a spin pole knows that they are two completely different beasts. Of course, for many people, they learn on static and there’s no warning before they try out spin pole for the first time. When you’re working with a...

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