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Highlights from Pole Con 2019

Today we’ll be covering an amazing event that happened this past week: International Pole Convention 2019 in Denver, CO!The PolePedia team packed their bags, prepped the car, and set out from the comfortably small city of Providence, Rhode Island.1,954...

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The Ultimate Grip Aid Guide

What is Grip Aid? Pole grip comes in a variety of forms. Some are liquids, others are gels, lotions, sprays, or resins. Apply these products to your grip points, such as the hands, knee pits, and thighs and be prepared to stick to the pole better than ever...

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Guide to Dancing in Heels

There’s no feeling like trying on your first pair of pole heels. When you first stand up, you feel a certain kind of empowerment – and perhaps a little wobbly uncertainty – but there’s no denying that there is a definite appeal to the way pole heels...

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Learning How You Learn

In pole dancing, one of the largest disconnects we come across – as students and as instructors – is learning different mechanics, moves, routines, and so on the way that we need to learn them.   As a student, it can be hard to figure out why we...

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How to Build a Show

  Hey everyone, Elliot here. Most of my life I've been a performer, and whether it involves performing magic on the street, acrobatics on a renaissance faire stage, or juggling in a living room (sorry mom!) I would like to think I have learned a couple of...

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