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PolePedia is a community-based resource. Every topic you see here is in some way shaped by the global pole dancing community – that includes you! 

While many websites monetize their writing through ads or selling visitor information, we do not. This helps ensure that as an individual or as a studio, you are getting the best information on the internet possible, consolidated into a single resource. 

If you are on PolePedia to read the information provided and haven’t explicitly made a purchase from us or a sponsor, we are not monetizing your visit here today. You are welcome and as much a part of the community as our shoppers, as PolePedia is a comprehensive community resource above all else.  

Should you choose to support PolePedia, you can do so in multiple ways, such as contributing to the community wiki, sharing this site with others, or through an explicit, purposeful purchase through our site, whether it’s from the shop, ordering glitter heels, or purchasing through one of our product reviews. 

Below, we cover each section a little more in-depth. 


Website Expenses 

First, we’d like to break down some of the ongoing expenses it takes to keep a website resource like PolePedia available to you and other pole dancers around the world.  

If you’re not interested in the details and would like to skip to the bottom of this section, we wrap up with an estimated cost per month. For those who are interested in a little bit more in-depth details, read on. 

  • Domain Registration 

Domain registration needs to be renewed every year so we can keep the PolePedia name. Thankfully, this doesn’t cost much; typically under $20 per registration. 

  • Website Hosting 

Website hosting is a monthly rental that keeps a website available on the internet.  If you’ve ever gone to a website and have seen “this website is currently not available” then there’s a good chance that website’s host subscription has run out without being renewed. This is typically around $16/mo.  

With enough visitors, videos, and posts on the website and community wiki, it will become more expensive to allow more data to go through the site.  

  • Design Services 

Website design done professionally is typically a one-time expense, however, it can also incur maintenance fees on a monthly basis, not including licensing and rights which may need to be purchased, which makes it a variable cost. Initial site design can range anywhere for $1,000-$5,000 and up. 

Additional design services may be required for logo concepts and designs, branding material, article graphics, and other site graphics. This is also a variable one-time cost depending on the project.  

  • Email Renewal 

Though not a hefty expense at around $6/mo per registration, it still counts. This doesn’t count any additional email-related services. 

  • Security and Other Expenses 

Security is a bigger expense running about $100/mo. Other expenses include backend website software subscriptions, business paperwork, merchant services, and miscellaneous administrative costs. The list is long and can vary depending on needs, but it is typically around $300+ per month. 

  • Outreach and Marketing Expenses 

Outreach to the community and to professionals for interview will incur variable expenses each month. Marketing expenses also varies but typically runs in the $500/mo range and upwards. 

  • Article Creation and Video Production

Article creation can sometimes incur expenses, especially if it requires graphs, video production, or we interview an expert. 

Video production is a variable expense and we have to pay for time, software, equipment, props, and any experts we interview.

  • Moderation 

Moderation is a lower cost than the rest of the site design and expenses, however, automated moderation, as well as manual time-in, is a variable expense. 

  • Miscellaneous Expenses 

Miscellaneous expenses include video production and editing, site and video design, management and coordination. This may also include costs such as keeping the e-commerce sections running, integrating payment options, and managing inquiries and shipment. This is a variable expense as well, but typically runs in the $500-$1,000/mo range and upwards for the time spent and program licenses.  

Cost Overview 

These are estimated costs, however, by using these estimates, PolePedia can expect the monthly expense of keeping the website live and available anywhere from $1,954/mo and upwards without the initial costs. Removing the marketing, miscellaneous and other expenses estimates, we reach a much more palatable $154 per month above one-time and variable costs.

Keeping in mind these estimates do not include overhead such as unpaid time, outreach, additional content curation or team members. Many costs listed are variable, so the actual expenses may fluctuate up or down any given month.  

Now, let us move on to how each part of the site works, as well as where (and how) revenue is generated on this website. 


Videos and Tutorials 

Our base video tutorials are not monetized. Period. 

At first, we thought about offering a subscription to help support the site, however, we realized that this went against our vision of providing free and unrestricted information. Considering this, we made the decision not to monetize any of our video tutorials.

Yes, there are still production and editing costs, and any additional appearances in the videos from experts or guests are unaccounted for. If you are interested in supporting the site, there are many ways you can do this, such as contributing to the community wiki, purchasing through our shop, or spreading the word about PolePedia to other pole dancers.  


Shop Essentials 

Many products in the shop are either produced in partnership with PolePedia or sponsored by PolePedia. This means there is overhead and PolePedia typically only receives a percentage of the final sale price, however, this is the largest section on the site that helps directly fund and support the site’s current expenses.

For example, PolePedia offers Xpole poles and Lupit poles. By purchasing one of these items through the PolePedia shop, you are ordering directly from the manufacturer. Because PolePedia’s sponsorship led to a sale, a percentage goes to help support PolePedia.  


Product Reviews 

Our product reviews section is typically monetized by sponsoring items available for purchase through a manufacturer or our own shop. 

For example, you may see a line in the review that says “purchase this product here” with a link you can follow through to a manufacturer or seller. PolePedia gets a percentage of the sale for that item if you purchase it after clicking the link.  

Each product is still reviewed appropriately so you can make your own decision when it comes to what products you feel may be best for your body or training. If we have been asked to review a product, we give it an honest review regardless of our conclusion. Where possible, items we enjoy or come highly recommended by the community will find a spot in the Shop Essentials section. 

As with any of our other articles, readers are encouraged to weigh in on the subject and discuss their experience with and opinions of the product as well, so the viewpoint of the author(s) is not the only available opinion.  

Custom Glitter Heels 

Our PolePedia custom glitter heels are handmade to order every time by the owners of PolePedia. Above the cost to create, design, and ship custom heels, all proceeds go to keeping PolePedia available globally and creating new content and media. 


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