Last Updated: 05-20-2020

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Since PolePedia is a community-based resource with many things provided completely free, or for optional purchase, we want to dedicate this page to disclosing the ways we make money to help maintain our efforts into this site.

Below are the topics we’ll cover:

  1. What Expenses We Have
    1. Why They’re Needed
  2. How We Make Money
    1. Our Typical Profit
  3. What You Can Do to Support the Site
  4. Sources of Revenue on the Site
    1. Affiliate Links 
    2. Adspace
    3. Amazon Products


What Expenses We Have


We’d like to break down some of the ongoing expenses that are required to keep a website like PolePedia available and active for you and other pole dancers around the world.

If you’re not interested in the details, we sum everything up at the bottom of this section with a total amount of our average expenses.


Website Expenses –


  • Domain Registration

Domain registration typically needs to be renewed every year, and this is done automatically. This allows us to keep the PolePedia site up and running. Thankfully, this doesn’t cost much; typically it is under $20/year.


  • Website Hosting

Website hosting is a monthly rental that keeps a website available on the internet. You can think of it like paying rent to the landlord for a retail space. If you’ve ever gone to a website and have seen “This website is currently not available” then there’s a good chance that website’s host subscription has run out without being renewed. This cost can vary over time as the site grows, increasing the amount of server space we need, but it usually runs an average of $16/month.


  • Design, Upgrades, and Site Maintenance

Website design done professionally should be a one-time expensive, however, a complex site requires a lot of upkeep to maintain. Updates roll out, features that previously worked will break, and new features always present new problems to fix as we grow.

A website can also incur maintenance fees on a monthly basis, not including licensing and rights which may need to be purchased, which makes it a variable cost. Initial site design can range anywhere from $1,000-$5,000 and up.

Additional design, upgrades, and maintenance services may be required, and that is a variable cost depending on the project.


  • Email Renewal

Though this is not a hefty expense at around $6/month per registration, it still counts. Each person on the PolePedia team has their respective email address. This does not include any additional email-related services.


  • Security and Other Expenses

Security is a bigger expense, running about $100/month. Other expenses include backend website software subscriptions, legal paperwork to maintain the business, merchant services, and miscellaneous administrative costs. The list is long and can vary depending on the needs or part of PolePedia we are working on, but these expenses add up to around $200-300/month.


  • Outreach and Marketing

Outreach to the community and professionals in the industry for interviews will incur a variable expense each month. Marketing expenses also vary, but typically run in the $500/month range as a baseline, and easily move upwards from there.


  • Article Creation and Video Production

Article creation can sometimes incur expenses. While most of the articles you see on PolePedia are done in-house, it may require graphs or video production.

Video production is a variable expenses and we have to pay for time, software, equipment, and props. This can range anywhere from unpaid time to the $300-500 range.


  • Miscellaneous Expenses

Miscellaneous expenses include video editing, site and video design, management and coordination. This may also include costs such as keeping the e-commerce sections running, integrating payment options, merchant fees, retailer minimum annual purchases, and managing inquiries and shipment. This is a variable expense as well, but typically runs in the $500-$1,000/mo range and upwards for the time spent, program licenses, and retailer minimum annual purchases.


  • Cost Overview

These are estimated costs; however, by using these estimates, PolePedia can expect the monthly expense of keeping the website live and available anywhere from $1,954/mo and upwards without the initial costs. Removing the marketing, miscellaneous and other expenses estimates, we reach a much more palatable $154 per month above one-time and variable costs.

Keeping in mind these estimates do not include overhead such as unpaid time, outreach, additional content curation or team members. Many costs listed are variable, so the actual expenses may fluctuate up or down any given month.  


How Much of that Do We Keep?

Profit. That’s funny. You’re funny. According to taxes since we formed in 2018, we make between -$3,000 and -$2,00 per year in profit; and yes, that’s in negative numbers, which comes directly out of the PolePedia team’s personal pockets.  

But we’re passionate about keeping this site alive, so we do it anyway.


What Can I Do to Support PolePedia?


This is a fairly easy question to answer. If you’re looking to support us monetarily, you can donate or purchase something; we cover where we get revenue from in the section below.

If you are an influencer, product manufacturer (big or small), or have connections you’d like to leverage for us, we are always open to new opportunities in the pole world, and you can support us by getting in contact with us about it!

If you’d like to support us non-monetarily, you can help us by being on the lookout for pole dancers who are asking questions – and if you know PolePedia has a resource for it, we ask that you direct them to that resource! We are always trying to help new pole dancers by answering their questions on social media, but our team can only catch so many – so have those links handy!

If you see an article you love, share it with your studio, a pole bestie, or someone you know who would be interested!

Likewise, we love to support influencers, manufacturers, and pole stars, so we are always posting new things featuring you. If we feature you in an article, you can help us greatly by helping spread the word to your audience.

Lastly, you can help support PolePedia by subscribing to our emails, following us on social media, commenting on social media posts, sharing our articles, and adding your own thoughts to the comments section of our articles.

We’ll make this community stronger together.


Sources of Revenue on the Site


There are several ways we make money on the website. All of this revenue goes to maintaining the site and making sure we continue to create content for you, pole fam.


Affiliate Links

Our product reviews typically sponsor an item available for purchase through a manufacturer no matter the outcome of the review we give them.

If you see a direct purchase link in a review, it will lead you to the manufacturer or seller’s page where you can purchase that product. These links are tracked through Cookies You won’t pay a single penny more for the product, but PolePedia gets a percentage of that sale after you purchase through that link. This is called an affiliate link.

As a side note, we do not receive any personally identifying information from these sales – we only know we’ve received a commission, or we have a certain number of click-throughs. It is all anonymous numbers from our end. If you have any concerns, please see the privacy policy, terms, and cookies policy on our site.

For example, PolePedia offers Xpole poles and Lupit poles. By purchasing one of these items through the PolePedia shop, you are ordering directly from the manufacturer. Because PolePedia’s sponsorship led to a sale, a small percentage (typically 10% or less) goes to help support PolePedia.

Each product is still reviewed appropriately so you can make your own decision when it comes to what products you feel may be best for your body or training. If we have been asked to review a product, we give it an honest and unbiased review regardless of our monetary stake.

As with any of our other articles, readers are encouraged to weigh in on the subject and discuss their experience with and opinions of the product as well, so the viewpoint of the author(s) is not the only available opinion.




As of mid-April 2019, we began showing ads on the site as a way to help keep the site running as many costs are still paid out-of-pocket monthly. If you have privacy concerns, please see our Privacy Policy and Terms. It is our goal that your experience of these ads melds seamlessly into the site. If you experience any technical issues, please contact us, as we aim to provide the best experience for our readers.

Users may opt out of personalized advertising by visiting Ads Settings. (Alternatively, you can visit


Amazon Products

We provide resources through Amazon which are available for physical print or instant digital download. Typically, our printing costs consume about 75-80% of the product price. We ask that anyone who has purchased a digital product or print product to give the us a product a review, as that is an excellent way to help support us! We are unable to see identifying information about purchases, only the number of copies sold.