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We have excellent news for you! Your name could be on the next post from PolePedia.

Whether you want to add onto an existing piece or submit your own, brand new blog piece:
we are currently accepting submissions.

Before you submit, please read the page below carefully. All submissions must meet the requirements to be considered.

Writer’s Guidelines

  • Submit Original Works

We do not accept pieces that have been published elsewhere. By submitting an article or guide to PolePedia, you give us permission to post the original piece and retain that original publication on our website.

  • Follow a Philosophy of Kindness

We will not accept any piece that shames or degrades any individual, party, or group. We ask that all writers follow a philosophy of general kindness, representing that you are writing in good faith, without any intent to harm anyone in any way.

  • Provide Valuable, Researched Writing

We are community-based, which means we, as writers and pole dancers, want to provide as much value to the community and individual readers. This means keeping “fluff” writing – which is just meant to fill space – to a minimum.

Likewise, we also ask that any factual statements or scientific quips are well-researched, including links to credible sources in the references section. This gives readers an opportunity to explore further-reading topics and fact-check.

  • Include Relevant, High-Quality Images

Pole dancing is a visual activity, so it only makes sense to include it in our articles! Please include relevant, high-quality images in your article. Please use images that you own, are free-use license, or you have purchased a usage license to.

Please Note:

1. Any promotional pieces intended to boost a particular brand name, product, or service, will be edited to declare it a promotional piece.

2. If you represent a company who wants to write on PolePedia, please let us know. This gives us an opportunity to discuss collaboration.

3. Please include a short author bio and author image with your article submission.

4. Any links are subject to approval. If they do not provide further reading or are deemed irrelevant to the subject matter, they will not be included in the final publication.

How to Submit and What Happens Next

Step 1: Inquiry

We often have topics that we are looking to produce but haven’t found the right writer for the job, so we want to get to know you!


  1. Let us know you are interested in writing!
  2. Tell us about yourself – your background, any relevant skills – this helps us choose the right topic suggestions.
  3. Optionally, suggest topics you want to write.
  4. If you’re with a company, tell us who.


Step 2: Submission

We’ve agreed on a topic, so it’s time to write!


  1. Follow our writer’s guidelines.
  2. Proofread your work.
  3. Submit the finished product.
  4. Include an author image and short author quip.


Step 3: Post-Submission

We’ve received your article. Here’s what happens on our end:


  1. We send the article to our editing team.
  2. The editing team proofreads the piece and makes minor adjustments or stylization changes.
  3. The editing team checks the article for originality across the web.
  4. Our design team makes any necessary graphics for publication.
  5. We add the article to our publication queue.

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