Downloadable Guide: Home Poling Handbook

In this free guide, you’ll learn the essentials for poling at home, FAQs, helpful tips, and much more.

PolePedia compares different pole diameters, materials, and brands to determine functionality and safety.

With information on how to choose crash mats, to additional equipment recommendations, and even how to break in your new home pole, you’ll be ready to dance in no time.

Get to know your pole environment, tips on troubleshooting pole installation, and cute ideas for your dance room to help you truly express yourself.

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Learn About Your Dance Pole

No one wants to sit through paragraphs of text to get to the good bits, especially if you’re trying to figure out how to install your pole!
You want answers – right here, right now.

In the Home Poling Handbook, all key information is packaged into an easy-to-read format so you can learn at a glance. 

Every answer at your fingertips.

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Start Pole Dancing Sooner with Quick Answers

No filler text means you get all the information with none of the frustration.

From installation FAQs and troubleshooting to choosing the ideal placement for your pole, you’ll find all the answers you need to get started with your very own home pole dance studio.

Want to learn more about a subject we mention or want to purchase something we recommend?

Great! Every guide or product mentioned inside the handbook is accompanied by a link, making your search for more information easy.