Whether you’re in a studio, planning a pole party, or looking to mix up your home poling routine with pole-pals over the internet, finding the right pole dancing games for your group is essential to keeping things fun and interesting.

Once you throw a party, it’s up to you to keep everyone entertained!

We’ve compiled some of the top pole dancing games you can play at a pole party of over the internet.

Our Top Pole Dancing Games:

1. Musical Pole Dance Statues

Ready? Set? Freestyle!

This is ideally done as a group, ideal for video chat or studios where there is more than one pole.

Depending on the number of people in the room, you may have to break everyone up into teams.

Here are the rules:

There’s one person on music duty – we’ll call them the DJ – who gets to choose the song.

Everyone else begins freestyling to the song, and the DJ pauses the music at random. Every time the song stops, everyone must freeze in their current position. This continues until the song is over, and someone else takes over as DJ.

Optionally, you can include penalties into the game, as in losers are “out” for the rest of the game or 5 pole-ups per loss.



2. Musical Poles

Remember musical chairs, the fun game that we all knew and loved (or hated) as kids? It’s now one of the most popular pole dancing games! It is also one of the more beginner-friendly pole dancing games – all you need to know how to do is a pole-sit! This makes it perfect for pole parties for mixed levels.

This is best played in-person, in a group with multiple poles. It is similar to Musical Pole Dance Statues above, but it’s a little different and a little easier. Instead of performing tricks on the pole, everyone starts on the floor.

Again, someone plays the part of the DJ, ready to stop and start the music at random. Once the music starts, everyone begins dancing around the poles (not on them.)

When the music stops, everyone must quickly find the nearest pole and do a pole sit! Whoever is unable to find a pole is out for that round.


3. Pole Dance Alphabet

Pole Dance Alphabet is certainly one of the more interesting pole dancing games we’ve tried. Be ready to get out a pole dictionary!

Someone starts the round off by naming a pole trick.

The next person uses the last letter of the trick to name a new move. Everyone performs the new tricks as a group.

The goal is to create a randomized routine!

For example:

Hello Boys > Scissor Sit > Twisted Grip > Pencil Spin

This continues on until it gets too advanced for the group or everyone is tired!


4. Pole Dance Routine Memory Challenge

This is one of the most fun pole dancing games that we’ve come across.

It can either be played over the internet or in-person, and everyone in the room can participate. Set that music player on a playlist and join in on the fun!

Choose a turn order; if you’re standing in a circle, it can be clockwise.

The first person names a trick, and everyone – including that person – performs it.

The next person goes, naming a trick that you can get to from the previous trick. Everyone performs the tricks in order, transitioning from one to the other.

So on, so forth, until someone messes up, forgets a move, or everyone’s too tired to continue!



5. Pole Climb Relay Race

This is a pole dance game that is best played in person.

Typically, this is played with two teams, so you’ll need two poles for this, one pole per team. This is important: each team should be equal in the number of people.

It can be played with more teams, if you have enough people. The limit is in how many poles you have!

Everyone lines up single-file in front of a pole, one team to one pole.

The first person in line carries a “torch” – this can be a big bottle of grip, a pair of heels; something that has to be held and can’t be slipped into a pair of shorts.

Someone counts down from three, then calls the start of the round. The first person in line climbs up the pole, “torch” in hand, and high-fives the ceiling. They slide down, pass the torch to the second person in line, and stand off to the side.

This continues until the very last person in line high-fives the ceiling and has their feet on the floor again. Whoever completes the race first wins!

You can organize a prize if you want – maybe it’s a bottle of grip, or a cute award.



6. Repeat Pole Dancing Challenge

The goal of this pole dance challenge is to repeat what the other person did, then add to it. This is perfect to play over video chat or in-person.

One person goes at a time.

The first person performs a trick to start off the round.

The next person in line performs that trick, then adds their own onto the end.

This continues until someone forgets a move and is out, and the round is over when there’s one person left!



Pole Dancing Games Are as Unique as the Host

We hope you enjoyed this short list of games and that you’ll play them at your next party.

Remember, you can always tweak the rules, changing the difficulty and the stakes.

Each one of these pole dancing games are as unique as the host and the players, so don’t be afraid to give it your own personal flair!


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