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Today’s choreography is hosted by Priscilla (Sophia Minx) and Guest Starring the adorable pooch Marcel. We’ll be dancing to the sweet sounds of Desperado by Rihanna in this series.


While this choreography can be done barefoot, it was created for heels, so if you have a pair of those bad boys you want to strap on, go ahead! With a little bit of exotic style thrown in, this is a fantastic routine for those of you who enjoy low-flow dancing; and if you’re not used to dancing, it’ll help you get better with fluid movement and flow.


The song is sectioned out so you can learn everything in bite-sized pieces. Each video shows you a preview of what you’ll be learning in the beginning.

Each video has the choreography written out below it as well.


Without further delay, let’s dive in!

Part One

  • Start with your back to the Audience.
  • Do a couple of shoulder rolls leading up to the start of the vocals.


  • Gently place your left hand on your left leg.
    • Bend your chest down and trace your leg down. Your hips should be to the right.
    • With a straight back, roll your upper body from left to right, and your hips from right to left.


  • Drop into an Eagle, resting on the ball of your foot, keeping your right hand on the pole.
  • With a closed left fist, tap your left booty cheek.
    • Tap it twice; the second time will motivate your booty to the right. Not fully standing but halfway there.


  • Come back down into an Eagle and use that momentum to swing your booty up to the left, to standing.
    • When you come to standing, you’ll straighten your right leg and keep the left leg gently bent, facing your right. Keep your left hand on your left leg.


  • Still on your toes, press your left hand into your left leg to straighten it out as your pivot your feet and hips to your left.
  • Using your left hand, trace your leg all the way down, letting your chest follow as low as possible.
  • Keeping your chest down, trace your left hand back up the side of your left leg.


  • At the musical cue, arch your back and pop your head and chest up.
    • Use this “pop up” to roll your body back, starting with the head.


  • When the roll comes to the lower body, follow the momentum and pop the booty out twice by pulling or swinging the hips away from the pole in a circular motion.
    • The goal here is a nice, deep hip roll, so it is beneficial to use your grip on the pole to help stabilize you, and your outer arm can move with the motion as well. When you are done, push your body back to starting position.


  • Finish with two smaller, quick hip rolls.


  • Step with your right foot all the way to the opposite side of the pole – taking your time – and end with your feet together.
    • Extend your back leg out as if you’re using it to draw a circle around you.


  • Grip the pole with your left hand low, right hand high, in a bracket or split grip.
  • Using the push/pull method in your grip, pick your feet up, tucking them to cross your ankles behind you, and set your feet back down in a nice, wide straddle.
  • Slowly draw your hands together.


Part Two

We’ll be continuing from where we were in part one, behind the pole with feet wide, and our hands together as we just came out of our split grip.

  • Readjust your right arm to bring it higher on the pole.


  • Starting with your right foot, do a step-around dip spin.
    • You can do the step-around dip spin by bringing your right foot up, stepping close to the pole. Lead with the chest as you pivot around on your right foot, pulling your body away from the pole.
    • Land your left foot behind the pole and sitting back.


  • As you come out of your spin on your left foot, keep your right foot
  • Keeping your right hand on the pole, use your left hand to thread-through, twisting your body around.
    • Keep your right foot up for the thread-through as well.


  • Drop your right leg back into a lunge.
  • Give your hair a whip!
  • Bring your right leg in, popping your legs open into an Eagle.


  • Your chest will come down while you straighten your legs to bring your booty up.
    • You can keep your right hand on the pole here to help you stay stable. Your left hand will come down with your chest.
  • Arch your back and pop your head up, along with your left leg.


  • Take 6 steps around the pole, starting with the left foot.
    • Your 5th step will stay on the ground.
    • Turn your body towards the pole.
    • Your 6th step is going to place your body in a triangle shape with the pole, legs straddled much like how we began this section.


  • Grab the pole with both hands and bend at the waist.
  • Do 3 Leg Wavy Things
    • You can do this by bending one knee in, pressing with the ball of your foot, pushing the booty out and around.
    • Imagine doing figure-8s with your booty.


  • Pick up your right foot and tap it with your left hand.
  • Step out with your right foot, grabbing the pole with your left hand as you let go and use your right hand to trace down your legs as you slowly come down to the toes in a squat position.


  • Pop your booty out once to the right,
  • And once to the left. Use this pop to straighten your legs out and stand up.
  • Pivot on your toes to face away from the audience.


  • Look back at the audience, and with your hand on your chest, pop the chest out and bring it back
  • On your second pop out, you’ll bring your chest in and roll the body down, tracing it with the hand that’s on your chest.


  • Grab the pole with your left hand and open up, keeping your right hand held out.
    • To open up, pivot on your left foot to twist your body This will let you face the audience again.
  • Take a deep step back with the right foot, and let your body come around the pole.
  • Step in front of the pole with the left foot, bringing the pole into your right armpit and letting your left hip swing in front.


  • Grab the pole with both hands in a stronghold grip. Pick your right leg up, straightening it to the side, across the pole, and sinking down onto your left heel.
    • Make sure to keep the pole in your waist pocket to keep a smooth slide down.
    • When you come down, don’t forget to extend your arms so you can really lean back into the movement.


Part Three

We’ll be continuing from where we were in part two, where we’ve come in front of the pole in a stronghold grip, picked up the right leg and straightened it to the side, sinking down to your left heel.


  • Adjust your left arm for a higher grip
  • Extend your right leg out and kick your left knee over to come to a lunge on the other side of the pole.
    • Be sure to roll over the top of your right foot here, we don’t want flexed feet!


  • Switch your hands so the right hand is high and the left hand is low.


  • Do a thread-through with your hands, tucking your right foot underneath the left knee while you turn your body around and thread your knee through.
    • This should help you avoid bumping into the pole with your knee as you come around.
    • You should end up facing the pole.


  • Eagle your legs out, and stand up, booty-first.
  • Grab the pole with your left arm.


  • Step around the pole with your right leg.
  • Pick your left foot up as you come around, catching the pole inside your calf and ankle.


  • Reach higher up the pole with your left hand and thread your right arm through. This thread-through is a little different, however.


  • After you reach through with your right hand, trace the pole along your right arm and unhook your left leg as you bring your shoulder in front of the pole.


  • Shift your left hand behind the pole. Bring your right hand down to grab the pole, extending your left leg behind you as you sink your torso down.
    • Make sure to activate your left glute muscles to get a better leg extension!


  • Keeping the left leg high, pivot on the ball of your right foot to twirl around the pole, releasing your bottom right arm.
    • Twist your body away from the pole here.
    • As your left foot comes down, you’re twisting into the pole again, grabbing the pole with your right hand and bringing it underneath your armpit.


  • Plant your right and left foot next to the pole, facing away from the Audience. Reach high above your head and arch back, using the pole for support as you sink back.

Part Four

For the final part of the Desperado choreography, we’ll be continuing from where we left off in part three. We had the right arm in a stronghold grip and we were sinking down in a backbend, left arm extended behind us.

  • Staying on your toes the entire time, you’ll sink down to the floor. Your right arm can extend here to help you down to the floor.
  • Lay your left arm flat to the floor and ensure your shoulders are flat as well.
    • Keep your right hand on the pole here, bringing your tricep (upper arm) to the floor.


  • Staying on your toes, pick up the right leg and catch it on the inside of your right kneepit.
  • Use your right leg as a guide to push your hips up and place your tailbone on the pole, using your shoulders and left arm as a brace against the floor.
    • Keep your right hand on the pole for balance.


  • Bring your left hand to the pole to balance yourself. Pike your legs out straight overhead.
    • Remember, point those toes!


  • Tuck your knees once to the right, once to the left, then open up into a V, or a straddle.
  • Repeat this step three times.
    • When you tuck, you can pretend to kick your butt with your heels glued together.
    • It may also help to rotate your hips with the direction you tuck your knees.


  • On the last tuck, you’ll pike them out over your head instead of leaving them in a V.
  • Do three leg waves, pushing the back of your knees up toward the ceiling, keeping one leg straight while the other gently bends.


  • Cross your ankles, open into a V and clack your feet (or heels) to the floor.
  • Bring your legs up vertically and clack your feet together.
    • Repeat this once more – for a total of two times.


  • Pike your legs out overhead again.
  • Lay your left hand flat against the floor again, keeping your right hand on the pole.
  • Bring your hips off the pole and twist them out of the way to roll out onto the floor.
    • As you roll your hips down, your legs will come down. Your right leg should be straight and your left knee bent.


  • Reach up with your right hand on the pole, arching your back as you pull yourself up.
  • Turning towards the right leg, you’ll roll over to the opposite side of the pole on your belly.
  • Do a flirt kick, keeping your chest to the floor.
    • Use your hands to push the booty up first, tracing your chest along the floor.


  • Coming up into a tabletop position, do two crawls to the pole and one last flirt kick.
  • From here, the floor is yours; your body is already moving, so let yourself steal the spotlight!

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