Difficulty: Beginner

Category: Tricks, Pose, Inverted

Type: With heels / Without heels

Points of Contact: 2

Also Known As:

  • Handstand

Pre-requisite Moves:

  • N/A

This butterfly handstand is a great way to prep before learning butterfly aerially as it allows you to practice your leg positioning without worrying about your hand grip. For some of us, any notion of right and left, up and down, outside and inside is a blur when in an inverted position so this handstand might be just the thing you needed. Explore entries and exits if you want to make it part of a combo!

How to Perform a Butterfly Handstand

Featuring Azu

Move Steps

1. Get in a forward fold position or downward dog if you require more space

2. Bring one leg up with the shin touching the pole and sliding it up along the pole as far up as is available to you

3. Push on the shin of the leg in contact with the pole. Make sure your hands are strong and straight by your ears.

4. Bring the other leg up bringing the calf to the pole. Your leg position will be similar to the leg grip for the fireman spin (but upside down)

5. Squeeze your legs and walk your hands closer to the pole. Continue until your torso is very close, or touches the pole. Shimmying the booty while in this position is fun and totally allowed if you’re up for it!

6. Identify which leg is touching the pole on the shin. This leg will move away from the pole -think of it as trying to touch your toes to your head.

7. To exit, return the leg away from the pole to its original position, making contact with the shin.

8. Walk your hands out again until you are in a comfortable distance from the pole to slide your legs down

Safety Tips

  • Your arms must be straight at all times. Bending them will push your head into the floor. If your arms get too tired, exit the move.
  • The leg touching the pole with the calf is the one that will keep you from falling over and will keep you anchored to the pole.
  • You don’t have to arch your back if its not available to you; if it is, extend your back from the upper and middle back, not your lower back.

Common Mistakes

  • I Have a Bend in My Knees! Your legs can be straight or you can have a bend on your knees. It’s OK to have a bend!
  • How Close Do I Need to Be? Based on your range of motion, the distance of your hand placement in relation to the pole will be different.
  • I Feel Off-Balance! You can walk your hands a bit and adjust your legs as needed for more balance.
  • I Feel Like I’m Going to Fall. Don’t ever, ever let your calf leave the pole in this position. You will maintain your calf on the pole at all times – only the leg in front that is touching the pole with the shin leaves the pole.

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