Difficulty: Introductory

Category: Floorwork

Type: With heels / Without heels

Points of Contact: N/A

Also Known As:

  • Booty bumps

Pre-requisite Moves:

  • N/A

These Speed Bumps are a cheeky, fun shape to make on the floor. It is easy to play around with this basic shape and create something unique with it. Time these booty bumps to your music or use it to emphasize sections of your routine. While this move looks best with heels, it can also be done barefoot.

How to Perform Speedbumps

Featuring @anna.freezzee

Move Steps

  1. Start laying on the floor with your head turned.
  2. Place your hands at chest level and press them into the floor.
  3. Keep your chest against the floor. It will stay still and hold your weight as you move.
  4. Arching your lower back, bring your hips and booty up while sliding the knees forward slightly.
  5. Let your hips fall to the floor, sliding your knees back down.
  6. Repeat as many times as you’d like.

Safety Tips

  • This move involves a lot of dynamic movement in the lower and upper back, so you be sure to warm these areas up before practicing! This will also help your flexibility, exaggerating the tilt of your lower back arch.

Common Mistakes

  • Move Looks Stiff: Be sure to warm up your lower and upper back before doing this move. If you are warmed up and this move still looks stiff, focus on tilting the booty up towards the ceiling so that your lower back arches more. Play with angles here and see what feels most comfortable for you.
  • Can’t Shift Weight to Chest: If you’re having trouble keeping your bodyweight on your chest, make sure that your hands are at chest-level. Your hands should press into the floor to give you more stability, but you should not be doing a push-up or lifting your chest off the floor. As you lift the booty up, you’ll feel your weight shift to your chest more.
  • Where’s My Booty Jiggle?: This move is great for adding a little booty jiggle into your routine! If you’re struggling to get that jiggle going, you might be engaging your glutes too strongly when you let your hips fall back to the ground. Let your legs and booty go a little loosey-goosey; your hands and chest will be anchored to the ground to help you keep control over your motion.

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