Difficulty: Intermediate

Category: Tricks

Type: With heels / Without heels

Points of Contact: 2

Also Known As:

  • Hello Boys (Variant)

The Teddy is a a versatile trick that can be used in exotic routines with wide legs, or in artistic performances by modifying the leg positioning. The leg wide variation is recommended as a start as your hands help carry some of the leg weight that would otherwise need to be supported solely by your core and hip flexors. This trick requires an armit hold which can be very painful at first and could lead to bruising of the armpit area; patience and continous practice with moderation is encouraged!

How to Perform the Teddy

Featuring Azu

Move Steps

1. Standing next to the pole, get into your stronghold grip modifying it so that your outside arm is higher than your forehead. This will allow for better balance and carry your weight as you get into the move.

2. Bring your hips in front of the pole into a waist pocket hold and stand on your tip-toes.

Floor Variation: Alternatively, sink into a squat if you would prefer to be closer to the floor, or if you need to exit the move quickly. Starting higher and sinking into your armpit/bicep allows the pole to get into the right position for a strong grip.

3. Lift the inside leg and grab your inside thigh with your inside hand. At this step, consider if your mobility allows to get into this prep move and whether you can continue on to the next step or continue practicing up to this step for some time more.

4. Assess if your armpit grip feels secure, adjust if needed and bring your outside leg off the floor by bending your knee slightly. At this step, you might be feeling pain; if so, revisit this move up to this step until you feel comfortable to progress.

5. Lift your outside leg forming a V with your legs.

6. Assess if your armpit grip feels secure and, if so, grab your outside leg thigh with your outside hand

7. Continue breathing! Return the outside hand to the pole for a safe exit.

Safety Tips

  • Make sure that your grip is secure before lifting legs.
  • Keep your neck elongated, don’t let the shoulders hike up.
  • Keep your back extended and elongated, don’t round
  • Return to a stronghold grip to exit the move safely
  • Consistency is key if this is your first time experimenting with this armpit grip, but pacing yourself with the progressions is just as important.

Common Mistakes

  • I Keep Slipping! When in doubt, start from the floor. Don’t go aerial until you are ready to. Armpit grip takes a little bit to get used to; just keep adding pressure between yourself and the pole!

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