Pole fam, you’ve spoken, and we listened!

After our article on how to use your hands for expressive pole dancing, many of you sent in emails and PMs asking for a flow warmup!

Destynnie is here with a fun, 15-minute flow warmup to get you ready for any dance workout, whether you’re on or off the pole. No equipment is necessary for any of these exercises; just you and your loosey-goosey muscles.

Before you start, take a deep breath and try to relax any muscles that are tight or tense. Wiggle around and get your body ready to move.

Take this warmup at your own pace, pausing if necessary, or skipping forward to the next movement. You can also turn on your own music and jam out; if you do, we recommend turning on subtitles!

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  • Shoulder Rolls, Wide: 0:12
  • Shoulder Rolls, Elbows: 0:43
  • Wrist Circles: 1:19
  • Neck Rolls: 2:03
  • Neck and Body Rolls: 2:46
  • Chest Rolls, Staggered: 3:30
  • Chest Rolls, Fluid: 4:18
  • Upper Body Circles: 5:04
  • Sun Salutation Circles: 5:51
  • Caressing Hands: 6:33
  • Hip Circles: 7:09
  • Kick and Rotate: 7:45
  • Forward Bend, Dips: 8:53
  • Forward Bend, Figure 8’s: 9:42
  • Plié Squat, Rocking: 10:48
  • Lunge Dips: 11:20
  • Lunge and Point: 12:26
  • Down Dog, Hip Rotations: 13:39
  • Cat – Cow, Rolling: 14:40
  • Kitty Pushups: 15:57

Background music featured in this video is from Zapsplat.com.