This week, the team at PolePedia has an announcement:

Starting Wednesday, August 26th, 2020, we will be airing the first live PolePedia show!

We will be streaming live on Twitch at 3 PM Pacific (US) time, and for those who cannot make the live show, we will be later publishing these shows on our YouTube channel.

In the future, these shows will air bi-weekly on Wednesdays at 3 PM Pacific time.

Get notifications for when we go live and gain the ability to chat with us live on the show by following our Twitch account!

Find us at twitch user “ThePolePedia

The first show on August 26th, 2020, will largely introduce the show concept, welcome our lovely audience in the live chat, and answer some of the questions everyone has asked ahead of time.

Future shows will be divided into off the pole and on the pole segment. 

Off the Pole discussions include the following:

  • Upcoming pole news and events
  • Ways to get involved with the pole community
  • Interactive discussions
  • Interviews with community members
  • Your questions answered in LIVE chat

The On The Pole action will cover:

  • In-depth training guidance for requested moves
  • Popular moves Demystified

Both the On the Pole and Off the Pole sections will be based on popular requests from YOU, pole family – so don’t be shy! Add your voice! 

We want to know what you’re struggling with, what your recent victories are, and what you are curious about!

Your lovely host of The PolePedia Show is Kim Kida!

Kim is a studio owner, as well as the lovely instructor of the PolePedia Move Dictionary.


“Kim’s pole dancing journey began shortly after completing her Masters in Business Analytics and working for Caesars in Las Vegas. She started taking beginner-level classes after work, but soon found herself addict to pole.

She poured most of her time and energy into taking classes and helping manage the studio, whilst building up her own skillset. She has successfully performed in many Las Vegas and San Francisco showcases, and is so dedicated to pole that she even once performed with a broken foot (which is definitely not recommended.)

Kim has had a fascination with dancing ever since she was a little girl growing up in Tennessee and has since developed quite the passion for pole. She is the protective cat mom of Lily and Bear, and the proud owner of her studio in San Diego, California. When she is not in the studio or practicing on her home pole, you can find her working on rapping the entire Hamilton musical, usually trying to take on all roles.”