Today, we would love to share a great playlist that exudes exotic, sensual vibes. While we’ve taken the time to curate this playlist with exotic styles in mind, these songs can just as easily be added to any kind of pole playlist.

You can play the songs in your player of choice below, or alternatively, look up PolePedia on Spotify or Youtube and select the Exotic Flow playlist.

If there is a song that would be perfect for this playlist but doesn’t appear here, tell us about it!


Listen on Youtube:

If the player doesn’t load, you can also directly view the playlist here.

Listen on Spotify: 

If the player doesn’t load, you can also directly view the playlist here.

Songs Featured in This Playlist:


  • Body Shape by Pilates Dance Music Universe
  • Head Over Heels by Allan Rayman
  • Quick Musical Doodles by Two Feet
  • Go F*ck Yourself by Two Feet
  • Fort by Tsar B
  • Slow by Podval Capella
  • Moonlight Predators by Goldcheaper
  • Her Life by Two Feet
  • You’re So Cold by Two Feet
  • I Feel Like I’m Drowning by Two Feet
  • Escalate by Tsar B
  • Love is a Bitch by Two Feet
  • In Club by Goldcheaper
  • One Time by Marian Hill
  • Down by Marian Hill
  • Subtle Thing by Marian Hill
  • Whisky by Marian Hill
  • Mistaken by Marian Hill
  • Hi by OBESØN
  • W2L (Welcome to London) by TroyBoi
  • Medagelous by Tsar B
  • Waves by Woodju
  • Bewitching Pool by Spells and Curses
  • Black Sclera by Spells and Curses
  • Consideration by Rihanna
  • Easier by Mansionair
  • Chainsmoking by Jacob Banks
  • Twisted by Two Feet
  • Under Your Skin by Aesthetic Perfection
  • Devil’s Game by Truth
  • Desire (Hucci Remix) by Meg Myers This is not available on Spotify.