In today’s interview, we chat with the lovely Ashley Fox. She is the 2018 National Pole Champion, she has competed in over 25 national pole competitions, and she is a co-owner and co-founder of Foxy Fitness and Pole in New York, New York and West New York in New Jersey.

Well, I was born and raised in Maryland for most of my life, and I have three older brothers, so I pretty much turned out to be a tomboy, plenty of energy, you know, running around outside in the woods.

I remember playing football one time and tackling the biggest guy on the other team and I took him down! I was always just doing active stuff, running around, rollerskating, riding bikes, and stuff like that. It was a fun childhood!

- Ashley Fox

In this video, we discuss a myriad of topics. Starting with how she grew up and who she was as a child, we move onto what got her into the pole space, and why she decided to open up the popular pole dance studio Foxy Fitness, and what it’s like being a pole champion.

We go over her day-to-day, the struggles and victories of being a business owner in the pole space, and her advice for pole dancers who want to compete.

We wanted to know what it was like in Ashley Fox’s typical day outside of pole dancing, so we asked her about her hobbies – which include home decorating and scouting out new vegan restaurants!

I also accepted that, “girl, you’re gonna have to eat more, especially being vegan, you’re going to have to eat a lot more!” because you know, you burn so many calories!

- Ashley Fox

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You can find Ashley on Instagram at @foxyashleyfox and take classes at her studio Foxy Fitness and Pole in New York, NY or West New York, NJ.