Difficulty: Introductory

Category: Transition

Type: Static pole

Points of Contact: 5

Also Known As:

  • Pole Slide
  • Slide Down
  • Sexy Sit

Pre-requisite Moves:

The pole-assisted Backslide is a sexy, cheeky way to add a little flare to your pole routine, helping you get from the pole to the floor or transition into low spins. Adding wonderful shapes to your overall routine, this is a fun basic transition to sprinkle in, and it can be modified however you’d like for extra drama. Add a little body wave as you move down the pole, add in leg waves, or do it with (or without) heels for your own unique effect.

How to Perform the Backslide

Featuring @anna.freezze

Move Steps

  1. Start standing next to the pole. Grab the pole with your inside hand in a baseball grip.
  2. Walk around to the opposite side of the pole and rest your shoulder blades against the pole. Keep your hand high on the pole.
  3. Make sure your feet are a little away from the pole so you are leaning against the pole.
  4. Unpeel your heels so you are standing on the balls of your feet or on the platforms of your heels.
  5. Hang your free hand down and grab the pole comfortably, index finger pointing down.
  6. Look at the opposite side of the pole for dramatic effect.
  7. Arch your back and push the hips forward to start, leaning against the pole.
  8. Bend the knees and begin sliding down the pole. Keep your heels up away from the floor and rotate the booty out, towards the pole, as you slide.

Safety Tips

  • Be sure not to hang loosely from your top arm. You should be using the very top of your shoulder to support your bodyweight, and keep top arm strong. You should not feel like you are hanging from your shoulder or arm here. Not only does this protect your joints, but you’ll find it gives you much more control!

Common Mistakes

  • Not Sliding Easily: If you aren’t sliding as easily as you’d like, there are two possibilities. The first is that your back is too close to the pole, or you are wearing clothes that make you too sticky. To get your back away from the pole, arch your back harder, leaning the very top of the soft muscle-y part of your back between the neck and shoulders (trapezius) against the pole. Some sticky polewear is great for gripping the pole, but it can be difficult to work in slides. Try wearing a t-shirt! Plain ol’ cotton really adds ease when working with lowflow moves like this.
  • Struggling with Clean Leg Lines: If you are wearing heels, remember to keep your toes pointed properly even with the heels. Reach through the platform of the heel, rolling onto the tiny beveled lip at the front of the platform. If you are barefoot, push through the balls of your feet and keep your calves engaged. That will help you accentuate your lines, barefoot or in heels. Here’s a guide on how to properly point your toes.

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