Difficulty: Beginner

Category: Spin

Type: Static pole / Spin pole

Points of Contact: 4

Also Known As:

  • Diva Spin

Pre-requisite Moves:

The rockstar spin is a great spin to add to any routine where you need to emphasize through a power spin, makes the rockstar spin name very fitting!. This spin is very similar to an attitude spin, with the difference of the unhooked leg extending in front of you in rockstar spin. You can exit the spin for a standing up transition or take it down to the floor.

How to Perform a Rockstar Spin

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Move Steps

1. Starting next to the pole, bring your inside hand up high and your outside hand across your chest in a half-bracket split. You will be utilizing a Push-Pull method with your arms.

2. Swing your outside leg wide around your body to create momentum.

3. As your body turns towards the pole following the momentum, hook the outside leg to the pole just above your ankle

4. Continue going with the momentum and lift your other leg in front of you, away from the pole.

5. To exit this move, you can do so by bringing your feet down to the floor or spin down to the floor. Once safe on the floor, you can let go of your hands. 

Safety Tips

  • Ensure that your leg is engaged and extended all the way to your tows (not hyper-extended, keep a micro-bend on your knee).
  • The half-bracket grip utilizes a Push – Pull method. Remember to keep your arms, shoulders and back engaged during this movement. The Push – Pull is the main thing keeping your body away from the pole. If you are struggling with this, check out our tips on the Push – Pull method in the sidebar, and practice the half-bracket grip from the floor to get familiar with the movement.
  • You can do this spin on spin pole as well, but keep in mind that your leg won’t need as much momentum as on static pole. If you’re giving it a try on spin pole, a small step with your inside leg and pivoting towards the pole will give you enough momentum to practice.
  • If your half-bracket grip is not feeling stable enough on spin pole, give anchor grip a try!

Common Mistakes

  • I can’t get my leg as high as my friend! The height of this extended leg will look different for everyone based on their quad / hip / core strength and range of motion.
  • I’m having trouble spinning. The circular motion of the outside leg is key to be able to spin. Make sure that the leg you bring in front of you does not touch the pole as this will slow down the spin.
  • The pole is sliding into my calf/thigh! Check that your knee continues pointing to the side while you are spinning – as pointing your knee up to the ceiling will make the pole slide;. Another cause could be your half-bracket grip positioning; ensure you have practiced the push – pull method to keep yourself held upright.
  • I can’t bring my leg up in front of pole! Range of motion and strenght looks different on everyone, embrace where your body is at now and continue practicing. Complement with pole conditioning exercises and other workouts to strenghten your quads, hip flexors and core while also practicing active flexibility – increasing your range of motion supported by the strength of your muscles, not by using gravity.

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