Difficulty: Introductory

Category: Grip

Also Known As:

  • Spin grip
  • Standard grip

Pre-requisite Moves:

The Half-Bracket Grip is a beginner variant of the Full Bracket Grip. It relies on the Push and Pull method, and it’s important to keep the core tight and shoulders back with this grip, as it’s commonly seen in upright moves, mostly used in spins and tricks that require the body to be at least partially held away from the body.

The main difference between Half-Bracket and Full-Bracket grip is that in Half-Bracket grip, the bottom hand is held out as if you are about to shake someone’s hand. This reduces the strain on the bottom elbow if done properly, with much of the same utility as split grip. While it is considered a way to progress into a full split grip, some pole dancers may prefer half-bracket simply for the ease of use and lesser strain it puts on the body.

How to Get into Half-Bracket Grip

Move Steps

For a right-handed hold, your right hand is on top.

For a left-handed hold, your left hand is on top.


  1. Reach up high above your head with your top hand and grab the pole in a baseball grip. You can be standing to the side of the pole or facing the pole – it depends on the move you are attempting. 
  2. Bend your opposite arm to a 90-degree angle and bring it across your mid-to-lower torso like you are buckling a seatbelt. Grab the pole in a baseball grip.
  3. Use the push-pull method to push with your bottom arm and pull with the top arm.

Safety Tips

  • Never hang loosely from the shoulder. Always keep the shoulders, lats, and back engaged.
  • In split grips, always use the Push – Pull method to keep your bodyweight held away from the pole safely.

This move previously appeared in our Guide to Grips and Holds article.

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