Posted 04-07-2020 – Updated 06-30-2020

Notice – As of 6/30/2020, Pole Con 2020 has been cancelled.

From the Official Pole Con Email:

“PoleCon 2021 will be held June 24-27, 2021 at the Sheraton New Orleans
There will be no early bird pricing for 2021 tickets this year to be mindful of those that have paid full price and have transferred or will transfer to 2021.
You have two options for money already spent with PoleCon directly:
1. ask for a refund
2. push your pass and/or your workshop/private credits to the 2021 event.
**To do either of those options, you MUST email me directly. You may also do a combination of these options — for instance, move your pass to 2021 but receive a refund on your workshops/privates.**”

You can email Colleen to ask for a refund or transfer your ticket to 2021 at

The article below is from the previous update, where Pole Con had been rescheduled to August of 2020. 

Colleen Jolly, owner of International Pole Convention announced an update today that Pole Con has been rescheduled to August 13-16.

The 10th anniversary of International Pole Con was originally due to happen on June 4-7, 2020. Rescheduling has not affected the location, which is at the Sheraton on canal street in New Orleans, LA, adjacent to the gorgeous French quarter.

The reschedule is the result of the uncertainty around COVID-19. The delay is fortunately good news for many folks residing in US states who have had their stay-at-home orders pushed forward through the month of June, and gives international patrons a chance to reschedule flights around current travel bans.


This rescheduling maintains the same Thursday-to-Sunday schedule that we all know and love from Pole Con. Work is underway to coordinate with workshop leaders and certification hosts about the new schedule, and update the online platform.


There is action required on your behalf for the following situations:

  1. Transferring a pass to another person
  2. To book the hotel on the new dates
  3. If you are a performer
  4. If you are free or paid workshop leader
  5. If you are an exhibitor
  6. If you are a sponsor or advertiser
  7. If you are a volunteer or EMT


1) If you are unable to attend the new dates, you can transfer your pass to another person, but there are steps required to make this transfer official, outlined in the original announcement, and an updated transfer and cancellation policy has been outlined in this blog post.


2) If you have booked your hotel room already via direct link or by calling the hotel directly, it will be automatically cancelled on April 8th, 2020. You will be required to re-book for the new dates through this link. The new room rate has decreased by $50/night due to the rescheduling!

Bookings that were not booked through Pole Con’s direct link, or if you’re not certain, it’s recommended to cancel your booking manually and rebook for the new dates.

If you booked a third-party hotel – such as the hotel across the street from the event – you will need to manually cancel your reservation and rebook for the new dates.


3) Performers only need to contact Colleen (via email) if they are unable to perform on the new dates, otherwise, no response is required.

If 4-7 applies to you, you should receive an email from Pole Con in your inbox. This requires a response.


We will track further updates to the situation.

Please note that if you need to reach out for questions or concerns, Colleen is asking that everyone communicates their questions and concerns via email only and DMS, post comments, messengers, etc., won’t be responded to. This helps everything stay in order while keeping track of all inquiries.