(Updated 10-03-2020)

Renowned pole dancer Anastasia Sokolova has recently come out with a video denouncing the platform Pole Press for stealing her course, which was several years worth of work providing her knowledge of pole dancing to the community. She attempted to partner with several people to help produce the course before she met Pole Press and partnered with the owner, Justin Harvey.

Anastasia claimed that Justin had become aggressive and demanding in conversations with her after the course was released, and later began spending money that she had not authorized for the marketing of the course.

Anastasia continued, stating he changed the logins to the course website and removed her payment information from the course, so she no longer receives any payment from students participating in her course.

She realized that he had changed the passwords and payment information once she began receiving comments and praise by students who had enrolled in the course, but no portion of the money they paid had gone to her.

Pole Press originally started as a social media platform for pole dancers but branched out into producing courses as activity on the platform died down. The owner has recently begun running ads for the Cirque du Soleil artist, Tara Meyer.

Update (10-03-2020)

Pole Press has reached out to us to provide a statement that Anastasia’s video is false, denying her accusations and supplying the post below.

We have asked both parties for further evidence to support either side, and both parties have responded.

(Update 11-09-2020)

PolePress has reached out and provided us with the legal complaints they filed They were unable to contact us previously under the advisement of their lawyers. 

The complaint is visible here: https://polepress.docsend.com/view/pkyrv7nfdx3u2rut