The partnership between pole dancing and some of the world’s top universities may seem like an unlikely merger, but it’s actually one that works. Finding Confidence and Self-Love in Pole Dancing covered the benefits of this sport, from instilling confidence to fostering self-love.

In this regard, it could benefit young women and university students who may need to be reminded to love their bodies and feel the physical manifestation of setting their goals. A lot of well-known universities have even formed their own clubs surrounding the sport.

Forged relationships between various industries and university interests drive innovation when skills, knowledge, and resources are combined to address societal woes. Clemson University has worked on biomedical devices in Tanzania by partnering with VentureWell, an organization that funds and trains faculty to create successful, socially beneficial businesses.

Also recognizing the needs of society, Maryville University has partnered with over 30 different companies, including multinational aerospace company Boeing and investment firm Edward Jones, to create degrees for jobs that haven’t even been developed, surrounding fields like strategic communication and leadership and data science.

In keeping up with societal needs, universities must first look at the gaps that need to be filled within their own campuses, to give their students the confidence and motivation to carry out other tasks looking at the bigger picture.

Perhaps pole dancing is representative of just that.


Plymouth University

University of Plymouth’s Pole Dancing Club’s classes are designed to increase confidence, flexibility, and strength across mixed abilities. Advanced classes are also available, together with workshop classes for specific styles and classes for stretching.


Brown University

The Brown University Poler Bears are a student-run organization that aims to break the stigma around the sport, and challenge the stereotypes attached to it. Their performances focus on experimentation with different art forms, combining sensuality with athleticism.


Cambridge University

Cambridge University Pole Sports (CUPS) is the school’s official pole dancing and pole fitness society. They cater to members of all skill levels in weekly classes, participate in competitions, and hold performances as well.


Glasgow University

Glasgow University Pole Dancing Club features eager student teachers who are willing to educate fellow students on pole dancing and have fun while doing it. The inclusive club is open to all ages and genders, and even to those who are not students at the university. Students have an annual recital and in-house show to motivate them too.


University College London Union (UCL)

UCL’s Pole Fitness is affiliated with the London Academy of Dance, which results in high-quality, world-class classes at affordable student prices. Small classes give students a chance to relax and keep up with classmates who are friendly and non-judgmental.



What Will You Do?

It’s evident that pole dancing is so much more than what it’s commonly perceived to be. The welcoming and supportive community behind the sport gives students the acceptance and motivation that they may not realize they need. Don’t be discouraged by stigmas surrounding the sport, or any other hobby you enjoy. If you want to turn something you love and are passionate about into a class or club for more people to appreciate, let these university partnerships inspire you to do just that. You’d be surprised how true “the more the merrier” is when you’re enjoying your passion with like-minded people.

Guest post exclusively written for by Jennifer Birch