It is important that we support our local pole community as much as possible during this global closure and social distancing period, as many pole dancers rely on pole for their sole source of income.

This post is meant to serve as a master list of resources available for pole dancers who are quarantined or unable to train at their studio.

PolePedia does not receive any compensation for providing these links. If you would like to donate to PolePedia, you can do so through PayPal, or follow us on Instagram as a non-financial way to support us. While this is completely optional, the support does helps us keep making guides, articles, and resources such as this one.

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A huge shout-out and thank you to @thuban2kbce, whose help was invaluable in helping curate this list!

This post is accurate and last updated as of 5/08/2020 EST.

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Free/donations-based IG classes streaming 3-4x a week from the @polecricket & @bespun Instagram accounts


Free and paid pole tutorials


Free and paid stretching and dance classes on IG live and Patreon.


Pay-what-you-can private Skype lessons


Tutorials | 50% off all video tutorials with code WFH

Tutorials | 75% off “Intro to Ease of Movement Pack” tutorial with code WFHINTRO


Free yoga video tutorials and challenges.


Pole, conditioning, flexy and handstand tutorials. DM over IG for more information.


Free IG tutorials and paid lessons through open dance academy


Paid, non-pole-specific personal training


10 weeks of free pole tutorials on Instagram – starts March 24.


Free floorwork and pole classes live on IG, no pole required for some.


Sliding scale private lessons for pole and conditioning. Positive Spin Students go through the studio – Otherwise, contact via linked profile.


Half price classes – Pole conditioning, pole fluidity, liquid motion, heels, low flow, floor.


Stretching, body plastique, floorwork online tutorials. Prices start at 6-8 EUR.


Choreography classes online.


Online content in the works.


Online tutorials are available. 50% off with code HOMEWORKOUT


Online pole, twerking, home workout, body flow and flexibility classes.


Free pole choreography live classes sponsored by Lupit Pole.


Paid virtual private lessons (video call or sending videos) and personalized instructional videos. Offers creative dance, movement explorations, technique for ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop and booty dance and pole.


Certified fitness trainer, life coach and nutritionist. Offers online programs.


Dance and flexibility classes online.


Livestream flexiblity classes.


Mini-tutorials on Instagram


Mini-tutorials on Instagram


Home workouts – no equipment needed. Not pole-specific.


Posting some video classes including flexibility and conditioning


Free online yoga classes on YouTube.


Free ballet and barre classes on IGTV. Pre-recorded, live at 10:30am PST


Daily yoga videos and tutorials on Instagram


Yoga tutorials and pose inspiration on Instagram


Offering dance prompts on Instagram


Pole classes 12PM every friday on IG live.


Livestream and play-on-demand tutorials.


Bellydance classes on Facebook


Paid active flexibility, pole, and contortion classes. Book through IG.


Privates, flexibility and strength training, and live online coaching

Paid range of motion workouts-of-the-day with 7-day free trial.


Sliding scale self care, freestyle, free dance, improve, and creative exploration classes and workshops


Free 4-week core challenge programme, no code necessary. Yoga blocks and stability ball required.


20% off pre-set programmes with code THISISNUTS. The Strength and Stretch for Splits programme and Pole Proof Shoulders does not require a pole.

20% off pre-set programmes – Strength and Stretch for Splits & Pole Proof Shoulders does not require a pole.


Offers pole and flexibility classes. Free 6-week beginner course. Normal classes are paid with 7-day free trial.


Offering a 14-day free trial, then paid membership – $15/mo for monthly subscription.


New sign-ups get 30-days free, no code necessary. Expires April 30th – normal offer is 7-days free trial for new sign-ups. Additionally, they are releasing a series of follow-along home workouts that don’t require any equipment.


All chapters from Cleo’s Rockin’ Legs N’ Abs & Back is the New Black for $9.99. Requires download of the Cleo’s Rock n’ Pole mobile app.


Free, unlimited access to CRNP TV for 7 days, and for a limited time, get a 6-month subscription for $75.


Online Exotic tutorials, a lot about flow and some routines. English


Free access to all online tutorials until April.


Online private lessons are half-price.


1 Month Free – Not pole-specific, but has a wide variety of basic conditioning exercises.


Free content for a month.


14 day free trial; offers recordings of classes, and training.


Offering for-pay online pole classes at prices reduced vs in-person classes.


Free online course offered until 3/24; prerecorded online classes you can purchase including basics and choreography.


Floor, pole classes, yoga, chair and conditioning videos available online.


Some classes being offered via Zoom (not pole-specific)



Online lessons. Some free lessons are available.


Pole and yoga tutorials available online. Several mini-tutorials available on Instagram.


Paid yoga course online. Offering 50% off membership and 30-day free trial.


Free & Donation-based yoga classes.


Online tutorials are available for all levels – $25/mo or $250/year.

Hosting livestreams for chair dance, floorwork, flexibility, and conditioning.


Paid online pole classes through zoom. Classes range from conditioning with no pole, all level pole, and exotic flow.


$10 per class. Sign up through studio website (linked.)


Paid virtual classes via zoom. Facebook group for students contains schedule, pricing and other information.


Paid pole classes for female-identifying patrons only. Private and semi-private lessons (PRIVATE19 discount code) – Virtual boudoir drop-in style classes – 6-week stretch with a private group on facebook.


Free, live online classes for all types of dance. Scheduled posted daily on IG.

Free and donation-based Pole, Conditioning, Floorwork, Chair classes. Register with MindBody and PFS to get the link.


Free all-type dance classes.


Stretch, chair, floorwork, pole, flow, dancehall, etc.


Free daily livestream classes 9:30AM, 12:00PM & 6:30PM Pacific Time.


Online classes available and grip aids for sale.


Online classes and homework – some classes do not require a pole.


Pole classes going online; post is marked 3/21/20, more info likely pending.


Flexibility, cardio, pole and non-pole workouts. Comes in multiple session packages at or under $10.


Free online classes through Instagram Live and Zoom.


Circus, Dance, Fitness, Pole & Wellbeing classes for $9.99AUD per week for 10 classes – classes are in English


Dance, contemporary, twerk, latin, chair, heels, stretch, floorwork, etc. Livestream classes with Sergia Louise Anderson and the instructors of The Vertitude Santa Rosa


Daily donation-based classes on IG Live. Donation details in IG bio.


Paid and free online classes through Zoom in English.


Virtual studio Zoom classes; currently offering yoga, weights, bellydancing, pole conditioning.


Post on 3/21 indicated will be offering video tutorials for stretch, pole conditioning, pole choreo, floorwork.


Online classes foor balance, conditioning, flexibility.


Online classes, both pole and non-pole.


Offering strength and flexibility classes, 6 EUR per class.


Offering free online classes in dance, children’s movement and burlesque.


Free online pole jams.


Online, donation-based classes with $10/minimum ($15/min for non-members)


Announced that they will be offering classes online.


Moved all classes to online; inc. pole and floorwork; payment via patreon.


Moved all pole, hoop and yoga classes online.


Online private lessons and free online class videos.


Online classes in Deutsch.


Online classes in the works.


Online classes in the works.


Preparing pre-recorded tutorials


Offering 30+ livestream classes over Facebook with multiple instructors for $120/month.


Online classes available via Skype – no home pole necessary for some classes.


Offering online private classes. Special discount for multiple sessions.


The instructors are offering multiple classes online.


Offering flex classes online, £8 per session and memberships apply.


Offering online classes; some require a pole but not all; online classes are $15 each class (more specific pricing details listed in Facebook post.)


Offering mostly prerecorded classes online including handstands, Floorwork, Stretch/Flexibility, Twerk/Chair, Conditioning/HIIT, Mindfulness, Zumba Livestream and Zumba Kids Livestream.


Offering classes inc. floor flow, exotic, and flexibility.


Small group video chat classes, live streamed classes that are donation based and free to anyone without the means to contribute financially. Sign up via mindbody app.


Offering video classes; some require a pole, some do not.


Pffering choreo, door dance (door as apparatus), floorwork, twerk classes


Offering live streams of classes: flex, floorwork, pole, handstands; pricing per stream or per membership.


Dance, fitness, pole and private classes online on an on-demand basis.


Offering online classes for chair dance, hip hop, stretching, strip teases, glutes, stiletto, lots of things without a pole; $10 each or less if you buy a package.


Offering online classes.


Offering online classes for yoga, abs, circuits, handstands, floorwork


Offering classes for floorwork and conditioning


Paid videos of floor flow sequences; can buy individually or bundled


A Dutch Studio offering strength, barre, stretch, workouts, dharma yogawheel, and twerk workouts.


Offering classes online for twerk, yoga, and dance



Tutorials and Performances




Tutorials and Performances


Pole, floorwork, conditioning, and choreography tutorials



Grip aid | 30% off your order with code poleathome


Grip Aid | Pole Survival Kit is $25 and 20% of each sale goes to struggling studio owners and dancers out of work


Polewear | Free shipping on your order – no code necessary.


15% off your order with code SPREADLOVE


Pole T-shirts and Jewelry | Various items on sale across the store.


Handmade polewear. No active promotion.


Handmade polewear. No active promotion.


Personalized polewear. No active promotion.

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