The International Pole Convention is a popular event in the pole community. This annual event has attendance from international pole stars and everyday pole dancers alike.

Every year, it is in a new spot across the US to give local pole dancers a chance to attend if they are not local, and provides an incentive for those who can travel to experience life in a new city.

The PolePedia team covered the highlights from Pole Con 2019 last year in Denver, CO. We were planning to do a more in-depth view of the convention this year, but as it would turn out, that wouldn’t be possible in 2020.

The Uncertainty Around Pole Con 2020

The convention was originally scheduled to be held on June 24-27 in New Orleans, LA. In April, however, it was clear that the pandemic would cause significant safety issues, and there were increasingly strict travel restrictions placed on many of the convention’s attendees.

Colleen Jolly, the owner of Pole Con, rescheduled the event to happen August 13-16 instead with the hopes that everything would return to normal by that date.

At the end of June, however, it was clear that the event would not be possible. Colleen issued a statement across the Pole Con social media and newsletter stating that the event would be cancelled until next year. This year’s event was supposed to be the 20th anniversary of Pole Con.

For individuals who had purchased a pass to Pole Con 2020, they were offered two choices on top of normal transfer policies in the announcement:

  1. Refund the ticket price
  2. Transfer the pass and any workshop credits to the 2021 event

Previously, 2020 was expected to exceed the yearly attendance numbers, which meant it was set to be one of the biggest pole dancing events in the world. The cancellation caused significant uncertainty in the pole community about whether this would be the last year of the event due to the financial burden the cancellation placed on the convention.

The Announcement of PoleCon: Virtual Edition

Virtual Pole Con has officially been announced as of September 1st, 2020, and is set to run all day on Saturday, October 17th, 2020 from 9 AM to 9 PM EST (US) time.

Here’s a run down of what you can expect from this virtual event:

PoleCon: Virtual Edition has a lot of exciting talks, seminars, and movement workshops from big names in the industry. There will also be “booths” you can visit to talk with and purchase products from your favorite vendors, and a space where you can virtually hang out with friends, new and familiar alike!

From 9 AM to 4 PM, join 90-minute panels that pique your interest from Colleen Jolly, Black Girls Pole, Nia Burks, Roz the Diva, and Kate E. Gaga. There are several topics here, from race and cultural appropriation, to a pole business panel, and navigating gender and sexual orientation in pole.

Join 60-minute movement workshops from 9 AM to 6 PM. These movement workshops range from Yoga for Aerialists to liquid motion certifications, makeup tips for the digital stage, and amorous chair with Tanya.  

From 9 AM to 6 PM, you can pop into 60-minute seminars from notable people like Dr. Angie Prescott, Torwa Joe or Vertical Joes, Nicole the Pole, and your very own Destynnie Hall of PolePedia.

These topics range from pole studio and instructor insurance, to everything about performance, to building a public brand.

Seminar - 12:45 to 1:45 PM EST

Revolutionizing Pole Dancing with Affiliate Marketing – live discussion with your very own Destynnie Hall from PolePedia.

This talk will focus on the online world of pole dancing and how we can further advance the pole industry and increase the pole economy with simple proven marketing techniques.


From the Pole Con schedule: “This talk will cover affiliate marketing and how it can benefit every part of the pole industry, from bloggers and brand ambassadors, to pole manufacturers and resellers.

Perfect for pole business owners or managers who want to promote their brand with methods widely used outside of the pole world, as well as advertisers and brand ambassadors who want to learn more about what they can do to promote brands and earn a better commission on sales.

Learn the basics of what affiliate marketing is, best practices for bloggers, and learn about additional conversion resources from an experienced marketing perspective.”

To top everything off, a live show with representatives from every Pole Con showcase will begin in the evening hours.

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Pole fam, we want to thank you for being a part of the free PolePedia community.

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We want to help pass on the joy and help make October something to look forward to.

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What is the IPIA?

The IPIA stands for the International Pole Industry Association. This is a new resource released by Colleen Jolly for pole business owners. The IPIA’s mission is “to protect and positively impact the business interests of the entire pole business community.” This includes studio owners, pole-related businesses, sex workers, performers, and teachers.

It is the first non-profit trade association in the pole community and is focused on helping pole business owners through educational resources, providing discounts, and establishing a place to network.

While some resources will be available for free, to access all of the information you must become a member.

With the PolePedia team’s background in analytics, marketing, and business, we will be helping add resources to this association. You can still expect the same content for everyday pole dancing here on our website for free, but if you are a pole business owner, this association is something to keep on your radar.