Pole Dance Floorwork Moves

Basic Leg Waves

These Basic Leg Waves are a gorgeous way to showcase grace in any floorwork routine. These do not require the pole at all and can be done in a standalone floorwork setting. The key to leg waves isn’t flexibility – though it does help – nor is it necessarily coordination, which comes with practice. The key to good leg waves is keeping everything loose. Your legs will constantly be moving and bending, and you get to decide how wide and showy (or how small and simple) each leg wave is.

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The Cleopatra is a versatile, fun transitional floorwork move that enables you to move from one side of the pole to another, switching sides of the body. It’s a showy move that involves a minor amount of flexibility, but the overall movements are simple and uncomplicated.

While this is taught holding onto the pole, it is not strictly necessary to do so. You can do this move standalone on the floor as well. You can also bend whichever knee is on bottom, depending on your stylistic preferences.

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Shoulder Stand (Pole Assisted)

The Shoulder Stand is a wonderful way to transition around the pole and add a bit of flare to your floorwork either barefoot or in heels.

This trick is beginner-friendly and pole-assisted, meaning you do not need a lot of balance to perform it. The movement will keep you front-facing and your bodyweight centered, allowing you to transition into other floorwork tricks. You do not need a lot of flexibility to perform this move, however, the more active flexibility you have in your middle splits, the showier this trick is.

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