Introductory Level Pole Dance Moves

Anchor Grip

The Anchor Grip is a vital hold in pole dancing that is utilized in many different pole dance tricks, climbs, spins, and more. This grip will help anchor your body against the pole so you are not trying to out-muscle any moves. You can think of this grip as the beginning of a fulcrum to help you move up and down the pole. You should be able to completely release your legs from the pole, or bring them up away from the floor in this hold without your body collapsing in.

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Baseball Grip

The Baseball Grip the most basic hold you will learn in pole dancing, and it is used in a wide variety of moves from beginner to expert level. Imagine you are holding a baseball bat instead of a pole. Your thumbs are wrapped around the pole, on the opposite side of the rest of your fingers. You’ll use this in any number of moves from a basic body roll, to a cradle spin, to a two-handed Meathook.

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Half-Bracket Grip

The Half-Bracket Grip is a beginner variant of the Full Bracket Grip. It relies on the Push and Pull method, and it’s important to keep the core tight and shoulders back with this grip, as it’s commonly seen in upright moves, mostly used in spins and tricks that require the body to be at least partially held away from the body.

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Pole Walk

​The Pole Walk is a classic way to move around the pole with grace and fluidity. Walking around the pole might seem simple, but adding the finesse of a graceful walk not only helps you train a strong sense of balance and a great toe point, but it provides breathing room in any pole dance routine, giving the audience a moment to look on in awe.

The Pole Walk is an introductory pole trick that every beginner should have in their mental toolbox at the start of their journey, able to be performed on both static and spin poles.

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Stronghold Grip

The Stronghold Grip relies on three main points of contact. The first point of contact is your outside hand, which is in a typical baseball grip on top. The second is your inside hand, gripping the pole below with the pole tucked deep into the armpit. The third point of contact is your inner arm as you squeeze the pole against your body.

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