Pole Dance Trick Moves

Basic Backbend (Pole Assisted)

The Basic Backbend is a simple and beautiful pose that goes well in almost any pole dance routine. This movement will begin to showcase the flexibility and strength required by many pole shapes, no matter how simplistic they look from the outside.

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Basic Body Rolls

These Basic Body Rolls are a versatile, slinky move that you can incorporate into any pole dance routine. Body rolls are perfect to use as a spacer in a song, or a highlighted move in more sensual flow. Body rolls also help you get used to exploring how your body can move in pole dancing. They are an excellent aid for working on flow and fluidity at a beginner level – not to mention they are fun!

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Cross Knee Layback

Difficulty: Intermediate Category: Trick Type: Static Pole Points of Contact: 3Also Known As: Basic Layback Figure 4 Layback Cross Knee Release Cross Ankle Release Pre-requisite Moves: Pole Sit Knee Pit Grip The Cross-Knee Layback is considered a milestone move for...

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Drama Queen

The Drama Queen is a compact beginner pole dance trick that builds off the basic Pole Sit. In this move, you will get to experience moving your body around the pole more than most beginner moves allow. By bringing your arm around and introducing another point of contact between the back of the arm and the torso, you stabilize your body before cocooning around your legs in the front of the pole.

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Fan Kick

The Fan Kick is a graceful beginner pole trick that engages the whole body. From the hands, which are held in a stronghold grip and keeping your bodyweight up, to the activation of the core that tilts the pelvis up and helps the legs sweep wide, to the legs themselves, which are sweeping around the body with grace and dexterity.

This beginner pole trick is a versatile move, allowing you to add some flare to any pole dance routine, provide a way around the pole, or help you gain momentum for a follow-up trick in more advanced levels.

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