Difficulty: Intermediate

Category: Grip

Also Known As:

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Pre-requisite Moves:

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This Basic Foot Hold is a versatile move where your toes are pointed towards the floor (or ceiling, for inverted moves) and most of your foot is on the pole, providing a strong point of contact.

The key to this hold is to make sure you feel secure, which may mean for some feet, depending on structure or flexibility, that may be easier to maintain with the heel to the side of the pole instead of directly on it. The balls of the feet should always be firmly pressed into the pole. Moving the heel like this will give you another contact point in the arch of your foot.

How to Get into the Basic Foot Hold

Move Steps

For a right-sided hold, your right foot will be on the pole.

For a left-sided hold, your left foot will be on the pole.


  1. Get the rest of your body into position on the pole.
  2. Press the ball of your foot firmly into the pole and maintain contact with the entirety of the foot.
  3. If the hold is not secure, slip your heel slightly to the outside of the pole. Continue pressing the ball of your foot against the pole.

This move previously appeared in our Guide to Grips and Holds article.

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