Difficulty: Intermediate 

Category: Grip

Also Known As:

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Pre-requisite Moves:

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The Elbow Grip uses the meaty inside part (the “crook”) of the elbow to wrap the pole, locking your weight in against the pole. This is typically demonstrated in inverted moves such as Ayesha and Jade, or as a variation to Split Grip, or even as an alternative to Baseball Grip in upright spins.

Moves that Utilize this Grip:

How to Get into Elbow Grip

Move Steps

For a right-handed hold, use your right arm.

For a left-handed hold, use your left arm.


  1. With your top arm, reach around the pole and place it in the bend of your elbow.

  2. Squeeze the pole tight between your forearm and bicep, ensuring the pole is flush in the bend of your elbow.
  3. Keep the arm and shoulder engaged to maintain a secure grip.

Safety Tips

  • Never hang loosely from the shoulder. Keep your shoulders and back engaged and strong at all times.

This move previously appeared in our Guide to Grips and Holds article.

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