Difficulty: Intermediate

Category: Trick

Type: Static Pole

Points of Contact: 4

Also Known As:

  • Apprentice
  • Outside Knee Hook
  • Chest Man
  • True Jamilla (Advanced)
  • Shooting Star (Advanced)

Pre-requisite Moves:

The Jasmine is a great intermediate move that opens up a variety of sideways spins and flips. It is also an excellent way to transition into inverted moves by simply moving the hand positioning without performing a basic invert.

The advanced version of this move requires the top hand to be brought off the pole and extended past the head and the chest pushed out. 

How to Perform the Jasmine

Move Steps

  1. Start next to the pole and take your inside leg and hook it onto the pole, a little higher than hip level. Be sure to squeeze the foot back towards the bum.
  2. Bring your inside hand on top and outside hand on bottom in a split grip. Lean your chest down towards the pole.
  3. Check to make sure that your hands are an equal distance apart from your pelvis.
  4. Bring the outside leg off the floor and around the back of the pole. Simultaneously, kick that foot up towards your face.
  5. For the advanced version of this move, bring your top hand off the pole and extend it, elbow loosened, over the head. Push your chest out hard.


Safety Tips

  • Be sure to maintain strong muscle engagement and push through each motion to steady your body and prevent yourself from falling.
  • This move requires the Push Pull method. If you’re not familiar with how to engage your muscles in the Push Pull Method, check out the guide in the sidebar.
  • Take each movement slow, making sure everything stays controlled to maintain balance and strength.
  • If you bring your top hand off of the pole for the advanced version of this move, make sure to push your chest out. Do not sink into your bottom shoulder. You want to keep the bottom shoulder as engaged and “free” as possible.

Common Mistakes

  • Losing Knee Grip: If you’re losing grip on the pole with your knee, check to make sure that sweat, grip aid, or a slippery pole is not the issue first. If this is still a problem, then you might be losing engagement in the foot and knee. Be sure to keep your foot kicked back towards your bum and squeeze your kneepit into the pole.
  • Uneven Grip: If you have uneven grip, you might be aligning your hands an equal distance away from your knee, causing you to reach higher up than normal, stretching the lower hand and preventing you from engaging the arms completely. When you position your hands, make sure they are an equal distance away from your pelvis, not the knee. This will help improve your Push Pull technique.
  • This Move Doesn’t Feel Secure: If you find that you are losing form and shape, or if you don’t feel very secure in your Jasmine, you may be caving your chest in. Push your chest out and bring your shoulders back. You should be looking at the wall in front of you, not at your navel, the pole, or the floor. The alternate name for this move, the Chest Man, was created because of how much emphasis is put on pushing the chest out during this move.

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