Difficulty: Beginner

Category: Transition

Type: Static Pole

Points of Contact: 3

Also Known As:

  • Turn-around
  • Thread-through

Pre-requisite Moves:

  • N/A

The Pirouette is an eye-catching transition that you can work into almost any pole dance routine, whether you’re trying to space out your next pole trick, get into position for an exotic squat in a stylish way, or just continue riding the momentum around the pole.

While this move is the most basic pirouette, once you get comfortable with the movements, you can add your own style, whether it’s a knee out, adding in a hip-sway, figure-four, or a fan – the possibilities are endless.

Moves that Require This:

How to Perform a Pirouette

Move Steps

  1. Stand next to the pole and raise up onto your tip-toes.

  2. Place your inside hand high above your head. The fingers should be extended but together, and the palm facing away from the pole – thumb to the ground.
  3. Place your outside hand across your belly button, palm to pole. The thumb is still facing down.
  4. Bring the inside leg up, then swing it back, pivoting on the outside foot to turn your body away from the pole. Push away from the pole with the inside hand as you turn.
    1. You will be able to let go with your bottom hand, but your top hand should maintain contact with the pole. It will “roll” over as you turn your body, allow you to grab the pole with the palm at the end of the turn.

Safety Tips

  • The top hand should maintain contact with the pole at all times to avoid losing balance.

Common Mistakes

  • Feet Won’t Pivot: It’s important to ensure that you are not just on your tip toes, but your weight is firmly on the ball of the foot. By bringing your weight all onto the ball of the foot, you are giving your body the pivot point it needs to move.
  • Confused About Turn Direction: You will always be turning in towards the pole. Think of it like you’re trying to duck underneath your top arm.

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