Difficulty: Advanced

Category: Grip

Also Known As:

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Pre-requisite Moves:

The Remi Hold is an advanced, knotted, pretzel-like leg hold provides incredible footing and security in a variety of upright and inverted positions. It is not the most comfortable on the legs, especially on smaller pole diameters, but it is visually impressive.

How to Get into the Remi Hold

Move Steps

For a right-sided hold, your right leg should be on top, locked into your other knee.

For a left-sided hold, your left leg should be on top, locked into your other knee.


  1. Using your top leg, lift it as high as possible and wrap it across the pole in a knee pit grip that faces the inside.
  2. Lift your bodyweight up with an anchor grip to give your legs some room and keep your weight off the pole.
  3. With your bottom leg, bend your knee over the top of the first ankle.
  4. Snake the bottom leg back and flex the feet behind the pole.
  5. Once you have found the pole, you can point your feet and engage the legs again.
  6. From here, you can let go of the pole with your hands and gently ease your bodyweight down.

Safety Tips

  • Always check the security of your bottom ankle before attempting to utilize this hold in an upright or inverted move. The bottom ankle takes the most weight, so it is important that it is stable and not open to any injury as the rest of the body moves and bodyweight shifts.

This move previously appeared in our Guide to Grips and Holds article.

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