Difficulty: Intermediate

Category: Grip

Also Known As:

  • Side Kneepit Grip

Pre-requisite Moves:

The Side Saddle Hold is used in a variety of moves where the bum is resting on the pole and the leg is hooked on the side of the pole. You should feel secure in this hold with the pole against the length of your thigh and bum.

How to Get into the Side Saddle Hold

Move Steps

For a right-sided hold, your right leg should be bent along the pole.

For a left-sided hold, your left leg should be bent along the pole.


  1. Lift your leg and wrap it around the pole in a knee pit grip, holding the pole in any desired hand grip.
  2. Rotate your knee into the pole so that the pole rests along the inside of your leg and against your bum.
  3. Sit your weight down, into the pole to maintain contact.

This move previously appeared in our Guide to Grips and Holds article.

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