Pole Dancing on Your Period

Pole dancing is fun, exciting, and fulfilling…until Aunt Flow comes around and you have three back-to-back pole dancing...

Move Name Superiority in the Pole Dance Community

Kim Kida and Destynnie Hall introduce the show on the first episode of The PolePedia Show, discussing a topic that is circulating in some parts of the pole world: move name superiority.

How to Choreograph a Routine (and Enjoy It!)

Who are you choreographing your routine for? Are you working on a routine for yourself, or are you doing it to teach...

Points of Contact Explained

There is some confusion on what points of contact are in pole dancing and how these contact points are counted. In this...

Interview with Butter and Filth | Studio Ownership, Online Classes, and COVID

In this interview, we chat with Nia Burks of Butter and Filth! Nia talks about how she got started in pole and her...

Toe Point Exercises

This post contains affiliate links. By clicking one of these links and purchasing something, you don't pay a penny more,...

Interview with Empyrean Arts | Mental Health, Studio Ownership, and COVID

Today we speak with Waverly, the co-owner of Empyrean Arts in Asheville, NC.   We talk about what got her into pole...

Happy Hamstrings: Fire Up Those Muscles for Greater Strength

The hamstrings are crucial muscles and play an important role in overall leg strength. All kinds of athletes, from...

Pole Persona – How to Write Your Dancer Biography

When it comes right down to it, not many of us are experts at writing our own biographies. “Write something about...

Interview with PoleActive Owner Fay Shih

Today at PolePedia, we have the ultimate pleasure of interviewing PoleActive owner Fay Shih! In this interview, we get to...

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Beginner’s Roadmap to Pole

You’re considering taking up pole dancing – or maybe you’ve been pole dancing for years. Whoever you are, it can be tough to find straightforward, simple answers to many common questions.

We understand it can be confusing to know where to start, or even what you’re looking for – you just want to progress. Maybe you have the question, but don’t know where to go to find the answers.

In our Roadmap to Pole, we’ve taken questions from pole dancers across the globe, crafted bite-sized answers for each, and added optional further reading articles from across our website to help you reach your pole-destination with as little confusion as possible.

Your Pole Journey is Unique

Other people can face the same obstacles, but your perspective and growth in overcoming those obstacles are uniquely you.

We all come from different backgrounds, health, experience with pushing our bodies, and it changes how we view our struggles, handle difficulty, and celebrate victories.

You know your body better than anyone else, so listen to yourself!
If something doesn’t feel right – stop, find out why, prepare, and try again. Always listen to your own individual needs – and yes, it may change from day-to-day!

By learning about and providing for those needs, you’ll see progress through astounding pole victories, muscle gains, flexibility, grace, and overall boosted mood and self-confidence.

PolePedia provides a single, community-based resource to help you work towards becoming the best version of yourself, whether the key is confidence in who you are, your body image, finding your passion, or a mix of all three.

Global Pole Studio Map

At PolePedia, we want pole dancers across the world to be safe and have access to a studio near them.

We’ve created a global Pole Studio Map so no matter where you are in the world, you can find a studio near you. 

This pole studio map is community-fueled, requiring the help of pole dancers worldwide to submit changes to pre-existing studios, add new studios to the map, and help their fellow pole dancers. View the map to find a studio near you, or submit information!

Discover Your Studio

Explore: Pole Dance Move Dictionary

Help Wanted!

We are looking for a pole partner to help us expand our free Pole Dance Move Dictionary.

PolePedia has released a community-based Pole Dance Move Dictionary. This dictionary is meant to help pole dancers of all levels reference pole tricks and moves from a variety of categories.

Every pole trick listed in this dictionary offers a complete view of the movement, with both written instructions and a video overview to help guide you through each step, complete with:

1. Move Name and Alternate Names
2. Pre-requisite Moves
3. Skill Level and Pole Type
4. Points of Contact
5. Move Category

Beyond that, there is also a section to help you through common mistakes, safety tips, and any additional information that many pole dancers struggled with before.

Best of all? It’s completely free.

Why? Because learning how to pole dance safely shouldn’t cost you money.


Beginner, Trick

Basic Body Rolls

These Basic Body Rolls are a versatile, slinky move that you can incorporate into any pole dance routine. Body rolls are perfect to use as a spacer in a song, or a highlighted move in more sensual flow. Body rolls also help you get used to exploring how your body can move in pole dancing. They are an excellent aid for working on flow and fluidity at a beginner level – not to mention they are fun!

Intermediate, Trick

Tabletop Tuck

Difficulty: Intermediate Category: Trick Type: Static Pole Points of Contact: 3 Also Known As: Tuck Pre-requisite Moves: Tabletop Hold The Tabletop Tuck is a versatile move that can help you transition into a variety of other pole moves and provides a unique shape...

Beginner, Spin

Steparound Spin

The Steparound Spin is a fun, versatile spin that is perfect for gathering momentum to transition into other spins and moves, but also looks lovely on its own. This spin can be incorporated into any pole dance routine no matter the level.

With no pre-requisite moves necessary, this is a perfect spin to learn if you are a beginner. The steparound spin is also known as the front spin, basic spin, or around the world. While it can be done on spin pole, it’s best performed on static pole so you have better control over your momentum.

Intermediate, Trick


The Jasmine is a great intermediate move that opens up a variety of sideways spins and flips. It is also an excellent way to transition into inverted moves by simply moving the hand positioning without performing a basic invert.

(FREE) Home Poling Handbook

In this guide, PolePedia discusses several aspects of poling at home from the very beginning of the poling journey.

We assume that you don’t know anything about poles and are looking for a guide to not just help you purchase a home pole, but to truly understand what you want out of a pole and which one is the right choice for you.

This guide is short enough to be read in one sitting but long enough to be comprehensive. You can read it all the way through, or jump around from section to section.

Every poler’s home poling setup looks a little different, and it’s important to find the right pole for you and your space.

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