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The Anatomy of a Pole Dance Heel

A pole dance heel isn’t just a heel, it’s a tool. It’s a sexy, fun, flirty tool, but without it, half of the things we do, especially in exotic, just wouldn’t be the same. Heels come with a variety of names, whether it’s a stripper heel, platform heel, pole heel,...

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The Ultimate Home Poling Handbook

Welcome to the Ultimate Home Poling Handbook. Looking for something in particular? Use the table of contents below to help guide you. Poling at Home VS. In a Studio There are pros and cons to both, and it’s up to you to decide which is best for you. Many polers choose...

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All About Pole Abs

Today, you’ll learn about pole abs, which is a common exercise in pole that strengthens your core and helps you achieve your pole dreams. This exercise is commonly taught in studios, but it can be done anywhere you have a pole. If you don't have a pole at home, your...

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Why You Should Video Yourself

Even though pole dancing is a visual art, not many dancers record themselves unless it’s for that Instagram love. Whenever you feel like you’re struggling with a trick, can’t quite get those lines down, or you did something awesome and want to remember how, ask...

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The Origin and History of Pole Dancing 

Like all dance, pole dancing has an origin. In our case, multiple cultures seem to have developed pole-centric dances, sports, and rituals individually. This means the exact origin of what we know today as "pole dancing" is a little unclear; some say it could be an...

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