Difficulty: Beginner

Category: Spin

Type: Static Pole, Spin Pole

Points of Contact: 2

Also Known As:

  • Seated Spin
  • Sit Spin

Pre-requisite Moves:

The Chair Spin is an elegant, graceful beginner pole trick to begin learning about how momentum works with the legs in motion away from the pole. It is an excellent spin for the beginner pole dancer who has already taken the time to familiarize themselves with how some of the other spins feel.

This move requires the Push – Pull Method, which means you will need to push away from the pole with your bottom arm, and pull your body up – keeping the shoulders down and engaged – with your top arm.

How to Perform the Chair Spin

Move Steps

  1. Standing to the side of the pole, place your hands on the pole in a half-bracket grip. Bring yourself up onto your tip-toes and engage the shoulders, ready to Push – Pull with your arms.
  2. Step with your inside foot. Swing the outside leg in a wide arc around to gain momentum.
  3. As your inside foot begins to leave the ground, you can pick your legs up in a tucked, seated position.
  4. When you are ready to come out of the spin, you can step your feet down in a gentle, controlled manner.

Safety Tips

  • Never hang loosely from your shoulder or elbow in this move. Keep your shoulders down and back, away from the ears.
  • Remember to always utilize the Push-Pull method in this move to keep your body away from the pole and keep your grip strong.
  • Never let go with your hands until your feet are firmly on the ground.

Common Mistakes

  • Not Enough Momentum on Static Pole: If you are not getting enough momentum on static pole, try pushing off with your outside leg a little harder, and lead with the knees as you bring them up. Remember not to cave your chest in and keep your arm grip strong. If that doesn’t work, wipe down the pole to ensure there’s no grip aid build up, wipe down your hands to remove any excess body oils and sweat, and try again.
  • Not Enough Momentum on Spin Pole: Spin poles spin slower when you are further out. To get a spin pole to spin faster, you will need to move your body closer to the pole. While keeping your shoulders and arms strong, still using the Push – Pull method, try lowering your body closer to the pole. You may need to grip higher, reaching hard while on your tip toes to achieve this, but so long as you’re in that delicate balance where your grip is strong yet you’re not collapsing into the pole, you should spin for as long as you can hold it.
  • Body Collapses into Pole: If your body is collapsing into the pole, then you are losing strength somewhere in the spin. You may want to consider practicing the half-bracket grip with the Push – Pull method standalone. Once you feel comfortable and strong in that, begin practicing that motion but bring your legs up in a tuck, and replace them on the floor in a controlled fashion. This will help you isolate any parts of the move that need to be worked on. Once you feel comfortable in both of those exercises, try the full spin on static pole. Static pole will help you control your own momentum.

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