Difficulty: Beginner

Category: Grip

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Pre-requisite Moves:

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The Cup Grip requires finger strength to feel secure. Some moves may require a double-cup grip, and others might require a single hand cup grip; it depends on the move. This grip is most common in intermediate to advanced moves, but it is always a good idea for beginner pole dancers to get a feel for the grip and build up the necessary finger strength.

All fingers should be on the same side of the pole in this grip, while the hands themselves can be positioned either on the same or opposite side of the pole, again, depending on the move. Most of the pressure in this grip should be balanced between the base of your fingers and the top of your palm.

Moves that Utilize this Grip:

How to Get into Cup Grip

Move Steps

For a right-handed hold, your right hand would be on top.

For a left-handed hold, your left hand would be on top.


  1. Wrap the fingers of both hands firmly around the pole.
  2. Keep the thumb on the same side as the rest of your fingers.
  3. Press your palm into the pole.

    Safety Tips

    • Never hang loosely from the shoulder. Keep your shoulders and back engaged, especially if there is a lot of dynamic motion to the trick you are trying.
    • Cup grip can feel unsecure at first. Do not attempt any moves you aren’t comfortable with in cup grip unless you have a crash mat and trained spotter.

    This move previously appeared in our Guide to Grips and Holds article.

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