Difficulty: Beginner

Category: Trick

Type: Static Pole

Points of Contact: 4

Also Known As:

  • Sad Girl
  • Ball

Pre-requisite Moves:

The Drama Queen is a compact beginner pole dance trick that builds off the basic Pole Sit. In this move, you will get to experience moving your body around the pole more than most beginner moves allow. By bringing your arm around and introducing another point of contact between the back of the arm and the torso, you stabilize your body before cocooning around your legs in the front of the pole.

How to Perform the Drama Queen

Move Steps

  1. From a basic pole sit, cross your legs and bend your knees down, bringing the feet towards the pole.
  2. Bring your outside hand above your head and grab the pole in Cup Grip, creating a window or box for your body to move through.
  3. Let go of the pole with your inside hand, and thread it through the space you created. Lean forward and bring your arm around the pole. Your inside shoulder will be in front of the pole.
  4. Lean forward and wrap your hands around your crossed knees and bend your head down, creating a “ball.”
  5. To get out of this move, reverse the motion and step out.

Safety Tips

  • This move relies heavily on skin contact to keep you on the pole. If this move is done on silicone, it will rely heavily on body contact while clothed. While you are on the pole, remember to keep your knees crossed, as this will increase your contact with the pole.
  • Always be sure to keep one hand on the pole at all times to keep you from falling backwards. This is the purpose of creating the window.
  • When bringing the shoulder to the front of the pole, always ensure you feel secure before removing your hand contact.

Common Mistakes

  • Unsecure Leg Grip: A basic pole sit should always have your thighs tightly securing your body on the pole. Remember that, in a pole sit with the legs extended, your body weight should always be on the bottom leg to increase skin contact. You can increase this grip the same way – by leaning towards the bottom leg – with the knees crossed.
  • I Feel Like I’m Going to Tip Backwards: If you feel like you’re about to tip backwards, pull yourself closer to the pole using your hands. Always maintain one hand on the pole at all times until you are ready to wrap your hands around your knees.

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