Difficulty: Intermediate

Category: Trick

Type: Static Pole

Points of Contact: 3

Also Known As:

  • Hello Sailor
  • Wrist Seat

Pre-requisite Moves:

Hello Boys is a great move to add a little flare to any pole dance routine. It can be performed quickly to provide a “pop” of motion with the legs, or slowly and sensually, depending on the style you prefer.

Performed from a wrist sit, we recommend that you are comfortable in your pole sits before attempting this move, as it can be uncomfortable. Leg flexibility can be “faked” here, but the more active flexibility you have in your hip flexors and the better your middle splits are, the more impressive this move becomes!

How to Perform Hello Boys

Move Steps

  1. From a pole sit, bring your hands down to chest level. The hand on bottom should be the same as the “bottom” leg in your sit.
  2. Bring your bottom hand underneath your bottom leg and grab the pole, thumb facing up in a baseball grip.
  3. Lower your top hand and keep it bent so it pulls your chest in towards the pole.
  4. Tilt your body to the side of the bottom leg. Bring the bottom knee up so that it sits gently on your wrist.
  5. Bend the top leg up, extending the top arm to give you more room, and when you feel secure, extend both legs.

Safety Tips

  • Do not let your bottom wrist cave in under the pressure of your leg. It should remain strong throughout the whole movement.
  • Your thumb should be wrapped around the pole but should be closest to the ceiling. This helps keep the arm in a stable, neutral position.

Common Mistakes

  • My Wrist Gets Sore: Just like with the Push Pull Method, the top arm should pull the pole towards you with the shoulders back, and the bottom arm should push against the pole to keep your body stabilized. You are not trying to hold your body weight away from the pole in this move, so the push – pull will be minor, but it will help relieve some stress on the wrist. Additionally, ensure that your thumb is wrapped around the pole, but closest to the ceiling, and that you are holding it close to your bum.

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