Difficulty: Beginner

Category: Trick

Type: Static Pole, Spin Pole

Points of Contact: 3

Also Known As:

  • Basic Sit
  • Ladysit

Pre-requisite Moves:

A Pole Sit is a wonderful introduction to getting your feet off the ground and learning about how your skin grips the pole. This move can be done on spin or static pole, and unless you are using a silicone pole, it requires shorts so you can use your upper thigh skin to grip the pole. Once you’ve mastered the Pole Sit, you’ll open the door to many new moves and sit variations that you can do in a pole dance routine.

How to Perform a Pole Sit

Move Steps

Beginner Entrance

  1. Walk up to the pole so your body makes contact. Grip the pole in a baseball grip.

  2. Walk your feet in front of the pole, holding onto the pole with your hands. Squat down, as if you were sitting in a chair.
    1. Make sure the pole is as far into the inner thighs as possible.

  3. Extend both legs out, crossing one ankle on top of the other.
  4. Rotate the legs up so your feet leave the floor, and lean heavily into the bottom leg. Leaning to the bottom leg allows your thighs to better grip the pole.
  5. Reverse the motions to come out of the sit.


Advanced Entrance

  1. Grasp the pole in baseball grip slightly above your head. Come up onto the ball of your foot and bring your body to the pole so that it makes contact.

  2. Holding firmly onto the pole with your hands, lift your body and pike your legs straight out in front of you.
  3. Cross one ankle over the other and lean heavily to the bottom leg.
  4. Reverse the motions to come out of the sit.

Safety Tips

  • When you are holding yourself up on the pole, be sure to keep the shoulders down away from the ears. This will stop your chest from caving in, give you a stronger hold, and help you avoid uneven muscle development.

  • Before you attempt to take a hand off the pole, be sure that you feel secure and comfortable in your sit first. Never rush into taking your hands off the pole.

Common Mistakes

  • Slipping Out of Sit: If you are slipping out of your pole sit, then you need to lean your hips further towards the bottom leg. Think of it like you’re tilting your hips drastically towards the floor. Squeeze your thighs together as tightly as possible!
  • No Grip, Even When Tilting Hips: First, make sure that you are tilting your hips as hard as you can, your top ankle is crossed over the bottom, and you’re squeezing your thighs together tightly.
    Unless you are using a silicone pole, make sure only your skin is touching the pole. You’d be surprised to learn how much even an inch of cloth can affect how much grip you have on the pole. If this doesn’t work, wipe away any excess sweat on your thighs, and give the pole a quick clean. Residue or sweat on your body or on the pole may be causing the problem.

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