Difficulty: Beginner

Category: Spin

Type: Static Pole, Spin Pole

Points of Contact: 4

Also Known As:

  • N/A

Pre-requisite Moves:

The Knee Spin is a popular beginner pole spin that brings the body in close to the pole. On spin pole, this spin gathers momentum very quickly. On static, it’s easy to kick into and carry the momentum yourself, giving it a lot of power and easy control. This is a great spin to add a little variety to your pole shapes during a routine, or experiment with controlling your momentum whether you are on spin pole or static pole.

How to Perform the Knee Spin

Move Steps

  1. Standing next to the pole, grab the pole up high with your inside hand and bring your outside hand across the chest, into a half-bracket grip. You will be utilizing the Push – Pull method in this move.
  2. Step with the inside foot and swing the outside leg out wide to gather momentum.
  3. When your outside leg circles back in, bring both knees to the pole, kissing them together on opposite sides of the pole. Your feet should be pulled up, toward your bum.

Safety Tips

  • This move utilizes the Push – Pull method, where you are Pulling with your top hand and Pushing with your bottom hand to control how far away your body is from the pole. For more information on this, please view the topic in the sidebar.
  • Always make sure to touch both feet back down to the floor before letting go of the pole.

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