Difficulty: Beginner

Category: Spin

Type: Static Pole, Spin Pole

Points of Contact: 4

Also Known As:

  • Front Spin
  • Basic Spin
  • Around the World

Pre-requisite Moves:

The Steparound Spin is a fun, versatile spin that is perfect for gathering momentum to transition into other spins and moves, but also looks lovely on its own. This spin can be incorporated into any pole dance routine no matter the level.

With no pre-requisite moves necessary, this is a perfect spin to learn if you are a beginner. The steparound spin is also known as the front spin, basic spin, or around the world. While it can be done on spin pole, it’s best performed on static pole so you have better control over your momentum.

How to Perform the Steparound Spin

Move Steps

  1.  Grab the pole with your inside arm, high above your head.
    1. Engage the shoulder by pulling down without hanging from the arm.
  2. Bring the outside arm across and a little below the chest.
    1. Grip the pole with your palm facing in. Engage the shoulder by staying stationary and using the outside arm to pull the pole into your body.
  3. Pick up the outside foot.
  4. Keeping the inside leg knee bent, slowly pivot on your inside foot, swinging the outside leg in a wide circle.
    1. As you swing your outside leg around, your inside foot can come up off the floor.

Safety Tips

  • Don’t rely hang from the elbow. Always engage the shoulder.
  • Keep one foot on the floor at all times.

Common Mistakes

  • Too Much Contact with Inside Leg: When your inside bent leg touches the pole, start bringing it up. Keeping contact with the pole will swing your body forward too hard.
  • Outside Leg Close to Body: Make sure to swing your outside leg out in a wide circle. Let your leg come in too close to your body and you won’t have enough momentum to make a full revolution around the pole.
  • Not Enough Spin: Keep your toes pointed and legs engaged the entire time – this not only looks nice, but anchoring your bodyweight with such a small area of the foot will give you more of a fulcrum to pivot from.
  • Uneven Swing: When you swing your outside leg around the pole, aim to replace it where your inside foot started.

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