Difficulty: Beginner

Category: Spin

Type: Static Pole, Spin Pole

Points of Contact: 2

Also Known As:

  • N/A

Pre-requisite Moves:

The Sunwheel is great beginner pole dance spin that is very similar in shape to the Attitude Spin. The main difference between the two is that the Sunwheel does not hook the front leg like the Attitude spin does. This is a great move for dancers who want to add a little bit of variation to their pole routine and while removing a point of contact.

How to Perform the Sunwheel

Move Steps

  1. Starting next to the pole, bring your inside hand up high and your outside hand across your chest in a half-bracket grip. You will be utilizing a Push – Pull method with your arms.
  2. Step forward with your inside leg. Swing your outside leg wide around your body to create momentum.
  3. Bring both legs up and bend the knees, bringing them away from the pole. Your front leg will be in front, and your back leg will be pushed out to the side.

Safety Tips

  • The half-bracket grip utilizes a Push – Pull method. Remember to keep your arms, shoulders, and back engaged during this movement. The Push – Pull is the main thing keeping your body away from the pole. If you are struggling with this, check out our tips on the Push – Pull method in the sidebar, and practice the half-bracket grip from the floor to get familiar with the movement.
  • When dismounting, always make sure to bring your feet back to the floor before letting go with your hands.

Common Mistakes

  • Trouble Moving Back Leg Up: This is a tricky leg position, and it takes a little bit of hip flexibility. From the floor, try bringing your leg out to the side of your body, knee facing forward. Next, bend the knee and hold it as if you are trying to kick your booty. If you cannot hold your back leg in this position, consider conditioning the lower back and glutes, as well as training flexibility in your front hip flexors. This will help you hold the position longer.


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