Difficulty: Beginner

Category: Spin

Type: Static Pole, Spin Pole

Points of Contact: 3

Also Known As:

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The Back Hook Spin is the reverse of the Front Hook Spin, however, because of the backwards momentum, it is mechanically different. Both spins are excellent for beginner pole dancers and teach a wide variety of skills on the pole. In this spin, you will need to generate more backwards momentum to bring your body around the pole successfully.

Moves that Require this Skill:

How to Perform the Back Hook Spin

Move Steps

  1. Standing next to the pole, wrap your hand and forearm around the pole, gripping in a Baseball grip.
  2. Bring the outside hand up, gripping the pole high above your head.
  3. Walk your feet out away from the pole to give your body some room to extend. This should also open a “window” between your top arm and the pole so you can freely move your head back and forth.
  4. Stand on your tip toes and lift your outside leg up high.
  5. Let your body fall back, leading with the outside leg.
  6. When the inside knee pit touches the pole, bend both knees so your toes kiss together.

Safety Tips

  • Don’t hang from your shoulder when you are in this grip. Make sure to keep the shoulders strong through the entire movement.

Common Mistakes

  • Losing Momentum Mid-Spin: If you’re losing momentum in the middle of your spin, make sure that you are keeping your grip on the pole firm, and make sure your knees are not collapsing in when your bring your toes together.
  • Not Starting with Enough Momentum: Lift that leg high – and we mean high – up to your side, and lead with that leg when you fall backwards. The motion of your leg extending out and then leading your body backwards will help you gain momentum. You may also want to video yourself to ensure that you are bringing your feet up simultaneously.
  • Too Much Momentum on Spin Pole: If you are getting too much momentum on spin pole, try reducing how much you “swing” into bent knees when you are falling back. This fast motion of the knees bending can cause you to lose control of your momentum on spin pole. Likewise, try experimenting with bringing your leg down a little lower to reduce how much momentum you get when you begin to fall back. Keep your hand grip strong, and make sure you do not collapse your legs in in the middle of the spin – the further out your body is, the slower you will spin on spin pole.

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